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Content Marketing, Customer Journey, Digital Marketing, Strategy
New B2B marketing strategies: simple steps to connect and grow
The trends and challenges shaping the strategies and operational priorities for the coming year.
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Account-based marketing, Buyer journey, Buyer Personas, Content Marketing
The power duo: account-based marketing and buyer personas 
As we navigate 2024, buyer personas and ABM remain vital for businesses striving to foster meaningful connections with customers.
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Buyer journey, Buyer Personas, Strategy
What is a buyer persona?
A buyer persona offers you insights in your buyer and the buyer’s journey. These insights form the basis of successful marketing campaigns.
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Account-based marketing, Campaigns, Lead Management
How to measure ABM and its success?
In this article we look at measuring success in ABM. Because in account-based marketing (ABM) the goal is not to generate as many leads as possible, but to build and enhance the relationship you have with an existing group of selected accounts. To what goal? An amazing deal!
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Account-based marketing, Strategy
Future of ABM: AI-Driven Strategies for B2B Success
In the highlights of the future of ABM, SPOTONVISION explores the impact of AI on account-based marketing for targeted B2B account strategies, sales alignment, customer engagement, and advanced personalisation.
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Sales Enablement
The Growth of Sales Enablement: Future Predictions
In this Q&A article, Shimon Ben-Ayoun, co-founder of SPOTONVISION, provides his insights for the future of sales enablement.
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Account-based marketing, Buyer journey, Buyer Personas
Does AI know what makes your B2B buyer tick?
Explore how artificial intelligence changes the landscape of gathering buyer insights. Find out more about buyer persona research and AI.
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Buyer journey, Buyer Personas
Interview: How to craft buyer personas in B2B marketing
Interview with Ingrid Archer, Director of Clients Strategy & Success at SPOTONVISION on why buyer personas are crucial for developing high-performing campaigns.
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Buyer Personas, Strategy
Buyer persona creation in B2B: To outsource or do it yourself? 7 Key considerations 
Buyer persona creation is part of every B2B content strategy. Do you outsource or do it yourself? Read the 7 key considerations.
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