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Lead Generation
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Turn your B2B marketing campaigns into the Best-in-Class with the SPOTONVISION Maturity Model
SPOTONVISION B2B Campaign Maturity Model. Understand how 'mature' you are as a marketer or marketing team.
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How to leverage LinkedIn for your ABM strategy  
ABM can help you increase ROI by focusing on your most promising accounts. Learn how to leverage LinkedIn to improve your marketing efforts.
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Account-based marketing, Lead Generation, Strategy
Is account-based marketing right for you? Seven questions to help you decide
The power of ABM lies in personalization and full alignment between marketing and sales. But it’s not the right strategy for everyone. Let’s look at seven questions and seven tips to help you determine if ABM is the best strategy for you.
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Growth Hacking tips for B2B marketers
A core driver for many companies is revenue growth. For marketers, this means that you want to keep on optimizing all your activities. Can we model out conversion optimization? This would help in growing, because it helps in knowing where to focus our energy. Websites and landing pages should be conversion machines. I speak to Scott Tousley, one of the growth hackers at HubSpot, during his visit to The Netherlands.
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Lead Generation
Lead generation in B2B: Place yourself in the shoes of your buyer in 6 steps
As a marketer with lead generation goals, you should think about the buying process. Stop pushing information about your own company and products and start thinking about what’s on your buyers’ mind.
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