Purely B2B since 2006

About us

Where it all started

In 2006, the lack of a strategy-led, integrated B2B offering inspired us, Shimon Ben Ayoun and Ingrid Archer – two client-side marketers – to quit our jobs and launch SPOTONVISION, the Netherlands’ first purely B2B agency. Since then, we’ve built a team who push the boundaries of B2B, across Europe and beyond.  

We’ve attracted bigname brands and ambitious scale-ups, who’ve turned into long-term customers.

What we believe in

Shifting from ad hoc tactics to long-term relationships is the future for B2B.

It’s B2B time

Time to eliminate short-term thinking and focus on long-term growth.

Time to say goodbye to silos and turn on a single sales and marketing roadmap to success.

Time to forget that B2B is all about logical thinking and use more creativity that sparks emotions.

We’re SPOTONVISION and we’re moving B2B on.

What makes us different?

Our drive to make B2B better is always on.

We’re big on continuous improvement

We work with customers over time, integrating all the elements of an effective B2B marketing programme and developing valuable relationships that’s when the results go from great to outstanding.

We’re willing to ask tough questions

We’re not afraid to ask difficult questions in pursuit of the best possible outcome. We’re comfortable challenging briefs, examining sales and marketing relationships and interrogating campaign results. Our years of experience creating buyer personas help us dig deeper to get the right answer, not the easiest; the root cause, not the symptoms. 

We believe there’s always more to learn

We launched the B2B Vision Academy to upskill our junior new starters. The idea took off and we broadened the scope. Now our customers use the Academy to deepen their teams’ knowledge of B2B marketing. 

We champion the B2B community

We’ve got a genuine passion for B2B marketing and for relationship-building. It’s what gets us out of bed in the morning. (That, and coffee). In 2010 we launched the B2B Marketing Forum to meet like-minded B2Bers, share our research and knowledge, and get inspiration from others’ perspectives. 

Driven by our values – we CARE


We’re knowledgeable, and resourceful in all our projects


We’re always challenging ourselves to become better


Our team is always ready to help our customers grow


We’re an approachable partner and share your goals

How does SPOTONVISION work?