2021: Celebrating our B2B Marketing Consultancy

2021 has been quite the year. We were all caught up in the whirlwind of COVID-19, with its lockdowns, curfews, and vaccines. Moreover, a surge in e-commerce and a flood of fake news. Yet we at SPOTONVISION adapted – we got creative, changed offices, and attracted new talents. Our business was able to grow, we closed new clients, and even created new B2B marketing propositions. 

Moreover, we celebrated 15 years and launched our B2B Marketing Academy. We did our daily huddles, had fun team outings, and developed ourselves through weekly one-on-one meetings. SPOTONVISION even recorded our own very first radio commercial.  

With the year ending, we wanted to take a moment to explore what has happened and look forward to what is about to come.  

In 2021 we continously developed our propositions..

Looking back, we are happy to continue to collaborate with loyal customers such as T-Mobile, NCOI, Elsevier and Salesforce. We kept true to our purpose of creating meaningful interactions and the results show. Because of that, we also had the pleasure of onboarding amazing new customers this year! We began to work for Indeed UK, due to our success with Indeed NL. MicroStrategy started with us this year for an account-based marketing project for the Finance industry. Losberger de Boer asked for our help to execute the content plan we made together in the years before. Finally, Centric and Scoupy also joined us as customers, and we are planning to do more with them next year.  

SPOTONVISION are highly collaborative, attentive and creative – Indeed UK

In 2021 the interest in account-based marketing bloomed because B2B companies want focused marketing. Seeing the interest grow, we created new propositions for ABM support. Many of our clients embarked on this journey with us and we have seen great success in projects across Europe and globally. Ultimo, is a good example, we developed the framework and roll-out for a successful ABM programme.  

“SPOTONVISION showed us the world of ABM and its possibilities.” – Roy van Huffelen, Marketing Manager at ULTIMO.

Sales and Marketing are increasingly working together and we have been able to help both groups with sales enablement and marketing campaign plans, which was the case with Cyclomedia. For next year, we want to continue focusing on enabling Sales to make the most of the marketing results. The idea is to continue to develop sales playbooks and sales enablement content, pairing it with sales automation.  

Thinking about the clients who want to get their marketing plans up and running quickly, we have introduced agile propositions for ABM (account-based marketing) and Buyer Journey. With agile, a program is completed in around 6 weeks with all its deliverables in an easy to implement way.  

There was time for celebrating too…

SPOTONVISION completed 15 years of B2B marketing excellence this year! To commemorate, we went on a roadshow to thank our clients, hosted an alumni event, and had a fun weekend with the team. It was a blast! It was during that weekend that three new colleagues joined us. What a way to start their journey!  


The 15-year events were not the only ones we organized this year. We also reintroduced webinars into our practice. We hosted many, with topics ranging from ‘conversational marketing to buyer enablement to ‘how to organize a webinar’.  

Plus, our co-founder Ingrid Archer started lecturing a new Beeckestijn B2B marketing and sales management course. There she has recently presented a content clinic to more than 300 participants about the latest B2B trends and the ways to collect insights about buyers.  

Another online event we worked on was the virtual CMO event together with Salesforce, geared to the Benelux market. 

“It was a pleasure to join and virtually meet you all. Looking forward to next session!” – Egmont Philips, Head CMO at Tata Consulting  

And to develop some B2B Marketing content..

We shared a lot of content this year, not only on our channels but also on big marketing blogs such as Emerce and Marketingfacts.  

Wat is customer journey mapping and wat zijn de ontwikkelingen, (What is customer journey mapping and what are the developments) posted on Marketingfacts, is our most-read blog by far! In the piece, we talk about the differences between a buyer journey and a customer journey and go over all the steps of it.  Another popular one on Emerce is about the new type of marketeer, it was written some time ago but still just as valid.  

On own channels, the most popular pages are Wat is een buyer persona (What is a buyer persona) and What you must know about customer mapping in B2B marketing.  

Our expertise still firmly lies in understanding the buyer – from gathering buyer insights to building buyer personas. We still strongly believe that understanding the insights and the buyer journey is the foundation of all marketing and sales activities. It is the reason that we send birthday cards and presents to the buyer personas we have created in the past.  


We close the 2021 throwback with the launch of our B2B Marketing Academy! The idea is to onboard the new people that join SPOTONVISION in the best way. Which for us means meaningful interactions and knowledge sharing.

The academy is a way to train the team on B2B marketing, the trends, and our propositions. During the academy days, we also develop important soft skills in consulting, such as presenting and interviewing.  

In 2022…

We want to expand the B2B Academy and offer it to our customers, to help them grow the expertise in their teams. Next year we will also continue our focus on buyer persona, buyer journeys and ABM. And we will launch a new marketing campaign maturity model, which will give B2B marketers direction in how to professionalize their B2B Marketing. Finally, we are planning to relaunch the B2B Marketing Forum. How exciting is that?!  

That is all! We are excited and ambitious for what is to come! And again, can’t say it enough, we want to thank all our customers! For the trust they give us in building powerful marketing and sales programmes together. 

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