Account-based marketing Account-based marketing

Account-based marketing

Create the best personal approach for your biggest customers

What is account-based marketing?

Account-based marketing (ABM) allows B2B marketers and sales teams to target and market to individual companies as markets of one. ABM is a strategic approach where Sales and Marketing join forces to focus on a group of stakeholders within an account, rather than an individual. The goal is to achieve full visibility among these stakeholders, build relationships, open doors and deepen engagement at specific targeted accounts.

By identifying and investigating relevant customers and decision makers, you gain deeper insight into business drivers, their current challenges and buying triggers. This gives your marketing and sales team the opportunity to deliver personalised content to each specific account.

If you want to drive growth and you’re looking for support in planning or executing a blended ABM strategy, SPOTONVISION can help.

Getting started with acccount-based marketing

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When you work with SPOTONVISION you will have an experienced B2B partner that has the strategic know-how, creative resources, and technical expertise in house. With us you can make sure you get the most out of your ABM investment. Whether one-to-one, one-to-few or one-to-many, our ABM consultants have the experience and expertise to help you from strategy to execution.

Account-based marketing step-by-step

SPOTONVISION can build your ABM programme from the ground up, or develop specific content, creative assets, and campaigns to help fuel your existing ABM initiative. We can help you in every step on the way:

1. Defining the goals

We help you define project scope, whether it’s a one-to-one, one-to-few or one-to-many ABM programme, and determine how and what to measure.

2. Identifying your accounts

Together with your sales team, we help you define your ideal customer profile (ICP) and we select the accounts you want to focus on.

3. Collecting deeper account and buyer insights

We’ll assemble as much contact information as possible to better understand your accounts and stakeholders. We’ll find valuable information contained in annual reports and other publications or via your network. In this case, we’ll look not only at the personas of decision makers and influencers, but at actual stakeholders at the companies you will target. Then we’ll map the stakeholder buying process.

4. Creating account-relevant messages, content and campaigns

We’ll create appealing content for your account-based marketing campaigns and decide on the right multichannel approach. You can now leverage on personalised and account-relevant messages. With various online and offline marketing tactics, we’ll build a seamless story for you to tell.

5. Finalizing your ABM plan

How to go to market, what ABM ‘plays’ to roll out and how to plan and budget for your ABM strategy. It all comes together in the final plan that we will present to the broader team.

6. Execution set-up

It’s crunch time, let’s plan for execution. This means setting up the sales playbook, content coordination, promotion plan, planning and dashboard. You’re almost ready to go live.

7. ABM campaign execution

Every ABM campaign and contact is an opportunity to learn and improve. We launch your programme, measure results and find ways to optimise your campaigns, making them more engaging, personal and relevant.

The advantages of account-based marketing with SPOTONVISION

  • A concrete, scalable approach
  • Focuses on your most profitable prospects and customers
  • Improves collaboration between Sales and Marketing
  • Data integration is key, we can advise you on your martec stack
  • Let us educate and train your team on ABM execution on the fly

How we get started together

From your account strategy to specific ABM campaigns, we’ll help you succeed. Our approach is actionable and scalable. With a highly personal campaign you can win more accounts. It’s a triple win! For your prospects, your marketing and your sales! Together we’ll define target accounts to focus on, the approach to take and the relevant content and promotion channels to use.

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