Buyer journey Buyer journey

Buyer journey

Link your content to deeper questions

What is a buyer journey?

A buyer journey is all about engaging and selling to your potential customer. The B2B buying process is not related to just one decision but to a series of micro-decisions across a longer period of time. Make sure you offer interaction and quality content and you will help your potential customer to the next step in the buyer journey. Quality content is a crucial building block in your marketing. Through buyer journey insights you can verify whether your content is aligned to the decision making of your customer. Mapping out your buyer journey? We can help.

Mapping your B2B buyer journey

1. In search of your buyers’ challenges

Together we invite customers and prospects to talk to us about their challenges. We want to map out their challenges and success factors. This is often done in 1-1 interviews or using a focus group.

2. Research what information your buyer uses

In a personal conversation with your buyers we discuss their information needs. What are their deeper questions? What do they read and who do they consult during the buyer journey?

3. Reveal decision criteria in the buyer journey

Why is it that you aren’t on the long or short list? We want to understand this and that’s why we ask for more detail. Because when we uncover the decision making criteria we understand better what kind of information we should use to convince a buyer to buy.

4. Decide which people play a role

In B2B a purchase is never made alone. We map out which stakeholders play a role in this complex game. Eventually you want to engage with all the important influencers.

5. List all the questions of your buyer

Last but not least we list all the questions of the buyer throughout the buying process. Every phase having a key question. Soon you can step into the shoes of your buyers.

6. What is a buyer journey map?

In a buyer journey map we structure the questions and needs of your buyers. For every phase of the buying process, awareness, consideration and decision, we map out the questions. We call this a buyer journey map. Now that you finally have this overview we can start building a content strategy and a long term campaign plan.

The pros of a buyer journey with SPOTONVISION

  • 100% validated buyer journey map
  • Thorough insights into the questions of the buyer
  • Starting point for a successful content strategy

This is how we get started

At SPOTONVISION we develop a buyer journey that packs a punch. Together we create your buyer journey. We map all the questions, as a result you can roll out a successful content strategy. The only thing left for the buyer to do is make his final decision.

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