Indeed – From buyer persona to successful ABM

Headquartered in the US, Indeed is the largest job search engine in the world. The Indeed website is available in 60 countries and 28 languages and gets more than 200 million monthly visitors globally. In the Benelux, the platform is one of the most popular websites among recruiters and candidates.

The challenge 

To improve the performance of its marketing activity, Indeed faces several challenges:  

  • Gathering better insights into their various target groups’ buyer journeys 
  • Establishing a coherent and buyer-centric messaging framework and content strategy 
  • Converting potential buyers listed on their strategic account list to meetings or sales 
  • Enabling their Sales teams with the right messaging and approach to improve close rates 

Our solution 

SPOTONVISION works closely with the Indeed team to research and develop buyer personas for their target audiences. After interviewing over 40 potential buyers covering a range of personas from HR departments to Recruitment Marketing, we create a buyer-centric content strategy with more than 100 insight-driven content ideas. The strategy includes content for every step of the buyer’s journey, leading buyers through the decision-making process.

Alongside the strategy, these ideas form a solid foundation for an account-based marketing (ABM) approach, specifically targeting the identified personas. It includes multiple campaigns to reach the right decision-makers in Indeed’s strategic target accounts. In addition, the buyer journey insights are also used to develop sales enablement messaging for SDRs while integrating the available marketing content.


“The SPOTONVISION team put a lot of effort in understanding Indeed and our business. This was a big added value also in the projects we did afterwards.”

Suzanne van der Cammen, Country Marketing Director – Indeed

The result 

With an in-depth understanding of Indeed’s buyers, their buyer journey and the DMU, we produce engaging content to address the various touchpoints within the buyer journey.

Several insight-based campaigns are set up using an agile approach, improving the marketing and sales collaboration. We ensure accelerated lead follow-up, lead quality and better conversation rates.

The project results in successful ABM campaigns targeting Indeed’s most strategic target accounts, with a 45% conversion rate from marketing outreach to meetings.

Suzanne van der Cammen, Country Marketing Director for Indeed Benelux:

“The SPOTONVISION team put a lot of effort in understanding Indeed and our business. This was a big added value also in the projects we did afterwards.” 

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