How the ChannelEngine Team upskilled with the B2B Vision Academy

See how Dana Connor, VP of Marketing at ChannelEngine, upskilled a selected group from her team with the B2B Vision Academy. After the B2B Marketing Foundation course, the group was more knowledgeable with hands-on expertise and tools to implement great B2B marketing campaigns.

The Challenge

B2B marketing can be complex, with longer sales cycles, technical products, and more people involved in the purchasing decision. That is why Dana Connor, VP of Marketing at ChannelEngine, knew that her Marketing team needed a solid B2B marketing foundation as a key ingredient for their success. She selected the B2B Vision Academy B2B Marketing Foundation training, and the results were remarkable.

“Enrolling my team in a course can be daunting, especially if it is too theoretical or generic,” says Dana. “But I know now that I can trust SPOTONVISION’s tailored and practical Academy approach to deliver learnings to my team.”

“A great B2B Academy course, good communication, and a good mix between hands-on and strategy”.

Dana Connor, VP of Marketing – ChannelEngine

The course – B2B Marketing Foundation 

The course, spanning six weeks with live interactive training sessions, covers the latest trends and best practices in B2B Marketing, including buyer personas, buyer journeys, content mapping, and campaign planning. Each week the selected group of marketers explored one topic, with a hands-on, practical approach,  leading to a final clinic where the group create their own campaign and receive feedback from the trainers. 

The result – a more B2B marketing-ready team 

After completing the B2B Marketing Foundation course, Dana’s team felt more prepared to tackle their daily challenges. One participant said,

“The content mapping method and the offered campaign frameworks were very useful; we could start using it right away.”

ChannelEngine’s VP of Marketing was impressed with the collaboration: “A great B2B Academy course, good communication, and a good mix between hands-on and strategy”. The ChannelEngine participants gained new ideas for their campaigns and now have the templates to implement them. Plus, new knowledge to bring to the whole Marketing team. 

Upskilling your marketing team is essential for success in B2B, and the B2B Vision Academy can help you achieve it! Join Dana and other satisfied customers, and see how you can take your team’s skills to the next level. 

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