How you can use a Maturity Model to up your game in B2B Marketing

Discovering the best path to grow is an ongoing challenge for any individual, whether in personal or in professional life. Like individuals, organizations and teams have growth ambitions as well. A maturity model is a tool to measure maturity and identify areas for growth. The model developed by SPOTONVISION focuses on the maturity of B2B marketing campaigns. In this blog, you will read more about how to use our maturity model in Marketing.

B2B Campaigns Maturity Model

SPOTONVISION’s maturity model is based on years of experience and collaboration with large B2B companies, such as Cyclomedia, Elsevier, Salesforce and T-Mobile. The model helps B2B marketers and their teams to understand the path to developing the best B2B campaigns. Thus creating campaigns that convert and generate results.

What does a B2B marketing campaign maturity model entail? It is a tool to help you assess the current state of your marketing campaigns. It also helps you figure out what capabilities you need in order to improve your performance. Most models, like the B2B Campaigns Maturity Model, identify dimensions and levels. The higher the level (from starter to best-in-class), the higher the quality of, in this case, your B2B marketing campaigns.

How to implement a marketing maturity model?

Bas, Corporate Marketing Manager at Cyclomedia, uses maturity models to show his board of directors where the company stands, and how they can further grow to the next level:

“A maturity model can offer a path to improve our marketing actions”.

The benefit of a model is that it helps you to prioritize tasks. It also helps you understand what is needed to increase maturity in a certain area, says Bas.

Start with a self-assessment

Working with a maturity model usually starts with a self-assessment. To help set the first steps, we have created an online  Maturity Scan. Each question of the scan shows on which level you are for each dimension on B2B campaigning, such as Strategy, Campaigning, Marketing Technology and Sales & Marketing Alignment. Once you know your level, you can focus on which capabilities you need to develop next. And which actions you need to take in order to grow.

Understand your next focus

The model is a guide, and it gives structure to the complexity. The true value of working with a maturity model is understanding which capabilities and actions to focus on with your team, furthermore, assessing where you stand now and trail a path to develop further.  

Get to work

Now that you know what to focus on, you get to work and implement changes and new ways of working. Best- practice is using the model and assessing your progress every six months. By keeping your progress up to date and visible, you will motivate your team continuously.

Want to know where you stand?

Complete our B2B Campaigns Maturity Scan to understand the level of your marketing campaigning. You will immediately gain insights into the next steps and receive tips on how to become more successful.

B2B Campaigns Maturity Model

Do the scan and see where you stand in your B2B Campaigning

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