How Nedap successfully accelerated the buyer journey

Nedap is a Dutch technology company with more than 800 employees worldwide, divided over 7 business units and branches in 10 countries. Nedap develops technology that helps people to be more productive and successful in their work.


The challenge for Nedap’s Staffing Solutions business unit, was to generate more and better-quality sales leads.

At Nedap, people are the focus which is based on their drive to understand what people need to excel in the workplace. Their aim is to build “Technology for Life”. In professionalising and structuring the marketing activities within Nedap Staffing Solutions, they needed good insight into potential customers and their buying journey.

In addition, Nedap wanted to convert these insights into ready-to-build content marketing campaigns that helps the potential customer along their buying journey.

“The campaign plan, including all new content, has already provided us with a continuous flow of qualitative leads and valuable insights after three months.”

Johnny Berendsen, Marketing Specialist – Nedap


SPOTONVISION assisted Nedap in creating a buyer persona, buyer journey, content, and campaign plan. To maximise impact it was essential to develop a buyer centric plan and associated content that supported and accelerated the buyer journey (buyer enablement).

In several marketing and sales workshops, we worked on a buyer persona and journey by interviewing customers and non-customers. With these insights in mind, we created an extensive content map with more than 40 future-proof content ideas.

From there we developed a plan for two separate campaigns.


Nedap Staffing Solutions used the content and campaign plans to successfully and quickly launch their campaigns. They subsequently used the principles of developing buyer journey content to implement an interactive business case tool, which helps potential customers get buy-in from their internal stakeholders.

“The cooperation with the sales team was already good, but the project has strengthened this even more. Sales is receiving more and better-quality leads. Potential customers have found the content both valuable and useful,” says Johnny Berendsen.

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