Real-time Marketing & Sales Dashboard for Deloitte

Deloitte is a leading global provider of audit and assurance, consulting, financial advisory, risk advisory, tax, and related services.


Every day, Deloitte marketers work hard to position the brand within specific industries and markets. The marketers are responsible for the success of all marketing activities and inspired to contribute to Deloitte’s success. Data is plentiful, but how do you measure the impact of marketing activities? At Deloitte they want to measure whether the campaigns contribute to their KPIs, so that they make instant adjustments based on the metrics.  

Deloitte chose to set up a real-time Marketing & Sales dashboard to gain insights into the correlation between campaigns, channels and results. With this, the team eliminates manual, time-intensive and often ad hoc reporting to the business partners. 


A Marketing- and CRM dashboard isn’t introduced overnight; it takes a lot of thinking. In any case, you start by determining the scope and the KPIs. Together with the Deloitte team, SPOTONVISION sets the overarching goals and the specific goals per market segment. The SPOTONVISION KPI framework is used to achieve the best results. 

“Using the KPI framework, we managed to translate all relevant components for the dashboard. This dashboard must provide the right insights and be user-friendly. When building the dashboard, we took a good look at the balance between reporting and analyzing, so that we can manage our marketing activities at a strategic level,” said Anique Smeets, Digital Marketing Manager at Deloitte. 

“With the help of SPOTONVISION we took the next steps in data-driven Marketing.”

Anique Smeets, Industry Development Manager – Deloitte


With this dashboard, Deloitte takes a step towards the implementation of marketing performance management in the organization. The dashboard makes it possible for both the marketer and the manager to gain real-time insight into the marketing activities on a strategic level. 

Anique: “Having insight into the marketing performance helps our team to execute our marketing activities more efficiently and effectively. We train a group of super users to work with the dashboard independently. Every other week, the marketers come together to share insights and answer questions. This way, we stimulate data-driven marketing within the entire organization.” 

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