Scaling 1:1 account-based marketing at Salesforce

Salesforce is the world’s #1 customer relationship management (CRM) platform. They bring companies and their customers together, optimising the customer experience and assisting clients in managing all customer interactions, including marketing, sales, commerce, IT and customer service.

ABM Challenge

Salesforce operates in a highly competitive industry. Standing out from the competition is crucial but not easy. Therefore, marketing and sales teams need to go the extra mile to create meaningful moments with a dash of WOW to grow and strengthen relationships with strategic customers while improving the overall customer experience.

The aim was to deliver highly personalised marketing at scale, following a 1:1 account-based marketing approach. This sounds good, but the real challenge lies in effectively scaling 1:1 ABM while delivering to very tight deadlines.

“You have really helped to take our ABM program to a new level.”

Nag Patta, VP Field Marketing Northern Europe – Salesforce

Solution: Focus on process and collaboration 

We worked as an extension of the Salesforce account-based marketing team to project manage, conceptualise and create highly personalised content and account journeys within tight timeframes.

Throughout the project, we collaborated closely with strategic account executives across the region and specialist agency partners to support deals and create meaningful moments that delight customers throughout their buying journey.

The ABM team used four methods to scale:

  • A well-defined account-based marketing content and tactic library alongside a repository of successful projects
  • A highly optimised project management process that unites multiple teams
  • Internal communication & account journey planning structures
  • Shared and collaborative reporting models

As a result, all activities are aligned with other internal stakeholders: from account teams, customer success, country marketing, strategic events, executive engagement and the Salesforce Innovation Center. That way, Salesforce can create highly personalised strategic account journeys with seamless interactions from multiple teams.

Result: Scalable 1:1 ABM with 100% growth in influenced Marketing Pipeline

Within half a year, over 100 content items were delivered on time to support strategic accounts within Benelux. On average, ABM campaigns led to a 100% year-on-year increase in Marketing Pipeline contribution for Salesforce.

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