SPOTONVISION celebrates its 15th anniversary

Fifteen years ago, on the 23rd of August 2006, Ingrid Archer and Shimon Ben Ayoun founded B2B marketing agency SPOTONVISION. These two seasoned marketing and sales professionals initiated a true transformation among B2B marketers. SPOTONVISION was – and still is – a pioneer in the field of B2B marketing in Europe. No other marketing agency focused on the business-to-business market in those early days.  

Apart from offering marketing services to its customers. SPOTONVISION has experienced a strong need for a place where B2B marketing professionals could meet. So in 2010, the agency launched B2B Marketing Forum Benelux. A place where marketers could connect, exchange knowledge and find inspiration. SPOTONVISION continues to look for that connection. Today, in 2021, the B2B agency is expanding to the international market.  

Growing CMO-community  

Ingrid Archer, Founder, and Head of Product & Innovation: “We organized the B2B Marketing Forum for ten years and with great success. We brought the B2B community together. We decided to forgo the last edition due to corona. But, we have kept the CMO community together with online events, thanks in part to a great collaboration with Salesforce. Soon we will pick up the live events again. SPOTONVISION will give the B2B Marketing Forum a new interpretation in the coming years with, among other things, on- and offline educational activities for B2B marketing and sales professionals.”  

B2B Academy launched  

Because SPOTONVISION has developed and tested many B2B marketing methodologies over the years, the agency has set up an in-house B2B Academy. This Academy is currently maily used for onboarding new colleagues and will soon be accessible to customers. The most praised methodologies are for buyer persona research, buyer journey and content strategy, lead generation and account-based marketing.  

Buyer persona, journeys and account-based marketing  

As a thought leader in B2B marketing, the team has published more than 800 blogs, articles and e-books and organized many webinars and masterclasses. Partly because of this, SPOTONVISION was nominated in 2013 for the B2B Award in the UK in the category ‘Thought Leadership’. In addition, in 2014, SPOTONVISION was certified by the Buyer Persona Institute due to the high quality of its buyer persona projects. All this has been coming together in the B2B Academy since 2020.  

Meaningful interactions lead to growth of people and businesses 

Founder and Director Shimon Ben Ayoun: “We stand for ‘meaningful interactions’ because this leads to the growth of people and growth of businesses. B2B buyers nowadays buy differently and that impacts the way we plan our sales and marketing activities. The buyer journey is more complex and more stakeholders are involved in a B2B purchase. That’s why communication and connections are more important than ever.  

We also see that technology is an integral part of our marketing and sales. For example, account-based marketing, ABM, is more scalable because of martech solutions. It is one of the focus areas in our services.”  

Ingrid Archer: “We are still excited about what we do every day, our field of expertise and our customers. We want to thank everyone for this and we look forward to the next 15 years!” 

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