Introducing “The State of B2B NL: The Secret Diary of 3 B2B Marketing Managers” – Exploring the Challenges of B2B

Amstelveen, 20 June 2023 – B2B marketing agency SPOTONVISION is excited to announce the release of “The State of B2B NL: The Secret Diary of 3 B2B Marketing Managers” This groundbreaking research paper explores the experiences and challenges faced by Marketing Managers as they strive to deliver exceptional customer experiences in the digital age.


As the world of B2B marketing rapidly evolves, customer experience takes center stage in business discussions. Marketing Managers are constantly adapting to keep pace with emerging technologies while striving to meet the demands of their B2B customers. This research paper delves into the journeys of Marketing Managers, including CX Managers, CMOs, Digital Marketing Managers, and Revenue Managers. They navigate professional challenges and align their teams to understand the intricate B2B customer journey.

Key insights from B2B marketing managers

“The State of B2B NL” offers invaluable insights into a typical day in the lives of three Marketing Managers. It emphasizes the significance of customer experience, identifies strategic investment areas for marketing and sales teams, and explores the profound impact of a customer-centric approach. Gain valuable perspectives on the goals and challenges faced by B2B marketing and sales leaders.

The significance of customer experience and sales & marketing alignment

“We are thrilled to present the Secret Diary of 3 B2B Marketing Managers, providing readers with unique perspectives on the evolving B2B marketing landscape,” says Ingrid Archer, co-founder of SPOTONVISION and author of the Secret Diary. “Through their stories, we shed light on the significance of customer experience and personalisation in B2B. We also highlight key areas for marketing and sales and their alignment. We provide valuable insights into the profound impact of the shift to understanding the complex buyer journey, personalisation and account-based marketing (ABM).”

Further exploration

Alongside ‘Secret Diary of 3 B2B Marketing Managers’, SPOTONVISION previously published a report on B2B Marketing Reflections & Predictions for 2023, delving into current challenges faced by marketers. This report explored topics such as Customer Experience, Digital Transformation, and Marketing ROI. Building upon these findings, SPOTONVISION conducted interviews with experienced marketing managers. They further explored these areas and uncover their daily challenges.

“We extend our gratitude to the marketing managers who participated in the research,” says Archer. “This research paper fills a crucial void in B2B marketing research activities in the Netherlands. The sector is flourishing with increasing focus from marketers, surpassing even B2C efforts.”

Get your copy: “The State of B2B NL” for B2B professionals

“The State of B2B NL: The Secret Diary of 3 B2B Marketing Managers” is an essential read for professionals in B2B marketing, sales leaders, and anyone seeking comprehensive insights into the challenges and opportunities within the realm of customer experience.