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Sales Enablement
The Growth of Sales Enablement: Future Predictions
In this Q&A article, Shimon Ben-Ayoun, co-founder of SPOTONVISION, provides his insights for the future of sales enablement.
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Adoption Internal Organisation, Campaigns, Customer Journey, Lead Generation
Turn your B2B marketing campaigns into the Best-in-Class with the SPOTONVISION Maturity Model
SPOTONVISION B2B Campaign Maturity Model. Understand how 'mature' you are as a marketer or marketing team.
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Buyer journey, Buyer Personas, Content Marketing
From B2B buyer journey to content plan: the highlights
Discover how to create content that convert with these tips from our co-founder Ingrid. She shares the path from B2B buyer journey to content.
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Buyer Enablement, Campaigns, Content Marketing
Interactive content in B2B
Most B2B marketing teams work on a content marketing strategy, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out from your competitors.
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Buyer Enablement
The importance of information excellence in B2B
B2B buyers expect to be treated as equal partners through experiences that are open, connected, intuitive and immediate. Let’s take a deeper dive into this first topic: open access to information.
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Campaigns, Conversational marketing, Marketing Automation
More conversions through better conversations
Conversations form the basis of relationships. Through real conversations you get to know your (potential) customers and you know what challenges they face. This way you can help them further in the buying process.
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Buyer Enablement, Strategy
Streamlining the buying process using smart content
Picture this: your potential buyer visits your website, reads your content and picks up the phone to schedule a sales appointment? Ideal picture, right? The purchasing process of a B2B buyer is not so simple anymore. And these days the buyer wants help in the purchase process itself. Let’s talk about buyer enablement.
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Marketing Automation, Technology
Act-On marketing automation innovations 2018: Adapting to behaviour of the buyer
Keeping up with new features and product updates is time-consuming. Marketing automation tools are constantly evolving, and choosing which new tools are worthy of your time can be especially difficult. I recently visited an Act-On event to learn more about Act-On’s product road map. The event, called Adaptive Journeys, A Look Into the Future of Marketing, introduced three new machine learning based innovations for 2018. For all B2B marketers, these will be total game changers.
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