Elsevier Increases Customer Engagement

Elsevier is a worldwide B2B publisher of scientific literature and information solutions. A specific challenge of the PharmaBioTech Group is to increase customer engagement. Elsevier wants to generate more online contact with its customer as well as share knowledge in an interactive way.


SPOTONVISION helps Elsevier to organize a webinar program that combines product expertise and thought leadership. Two different types of webinars were set up: introductory webinars to review product features and the basics of searching, and more in depth webinars, which focus on specific workflows. SPOTONVISION and Elsevier create a webinar calendar and roll out plan. Total commitment of the Sales and Marketing teams is required.

“SPOTONVISION has shown us how to move towards a content-based marketing strategy.”

Sandra de Gelder, Director of Regional Marketing – Elsevier


Together with SPOTONVISION Elsevier organizes more than 15 webinars. The team welcomes more than 550 participants, over 60% were brand new contacts in the customer database. More than 2100 people view in total 9 webinar recordings. The team answers 135 questions on products and sales support. Website click and opening rates doubled. The webinars are rated as very useful by attendees and many attendees join again after their first Elsevier PBT webinar. Elsevier is now able to get more insight and a better overview of its customers’ challenges.

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