Digital business transformation is vital for your 2023 success 

B2B predictions 2023: Digital Transformation

In 2023, digital transformation will again be one of the most important topics in B2B Marketing and Sales. This transformation, which has been going on for several years, will continue to evolve. Not keeping up with this transformation will nullify your marketing and sales efforts.  

In this article, I share my predictions on this topic: The shift of sales interactions to digital channels and the right Sales and Marketing investments based on the impact of the digital transformation.  

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Digital transformation B2B marketing

80% of B2B sales interactions between suppliers and buyers will take place in digital channels by 2025.   

One of the side effects of the pandemic is the accelerated move to digital. Gartner examined the effect of this on Sales. More and more B2B buyers prefer a buying experience without a salesperson’s intervention. The preference is to research and possibly buy online. E-commerce is going to continue to grow rapidly in B2B. However, research also shows that B2B buyers struggle with making the right purchases. So, the B2B buyer’s desire is to buy digitally, but at the same time, that same buyer still needs help.  

The counterpart of buying is selling, the sales organisation also needs to sell differently; that’s where we see the transition to virtual selling.    

This transition means we need new types of content and more digital skills. Marketing will also need to invest in data, insights, and technology to support the new digital playing field.    

Sales, on the other hand, will have to invest in new ways or innovations to connect with buyers. They can be supported in this by processes and technologies (sales enablement). And most importantly, as we discussed earlier, sales must be able to have meaningful conversations. Customer insights will enable this, whether this is information about the buying journey, accounts, personas or groups of buyers. If you want to stand out from your competition, these are the areas to look at.     

If we were to summarise the impact of digital transformation, marketing and sales should invest in digital commerce, digital channels, and digital content.  

When moving to digital channels, buyer and customer data play an important role and it is more important than ever to use data to make informed decisions and choose the right digital channels. In addition, more and more B2B buyers prefer to buy without intermediaries, indicating that they are embracing online research and digital commerce. Digital content is also becoming increasingly popular. Video, for instance, remains one of the most widely used types of content.  

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