SPOTONVISION as ‘thought leader’ in Finals of International B2B Marketing Award

Proud B2B Marketing agency SPOTONVISION was recently nominated as a finalist in the international B2B Marketing Award with ‘The Ongoing Journey of Thought Leadership’.

“Are you a B2B Rockstar” is this year’s theme of the UK’s B2B Marketing competition. A great number of categories were launched and companies were invited to come up with their best B2B cases. Categories such as: Best use of customer-insight, Most commercially successful campaign, Best integrated or multichannel campaign and more. Last month, SPOTONVISION was announced as a Finalist in the category ‘Best use of thought-leadership’.

What we missed in the Benelux…

When B2B marketing agency SPOTONVISION was founded in 2006, there were no channels or platforms for B2B marketers in the Benelux. Founders Shimon Ben Ayoun and Ingrid Archer saw the gap, the necessity to start inspiring B2B Marketers, to motivate them and to share the latest trends in B2B.

Shimon: “We felt there was a lack of B2B Marketing knowledge, research, networking opportunities, inspiring events or an exchange of case studies in this region. So we took the opportunity to create a B2B community, show our own B2B thought leadership and create demand for our marketing services at the same time.”

SPOTONVISION as a thought leader

The main vehicle to create thought leadership was the first high quality event for B2B marketing and communication managers which took place in Amsterdam in 2010 “The B2B Marketing Forum”. This year (2013) SPOTONVISION organized the 4th edition! The event was an integral part of SPOTONVISION’s overall content marketing strategy. Yet SPOTONVISION believes that thought leadership is an on-going process, one which they put in motion 4 years ago by organizing and contributing to the wider B2B Marketing community.

“Our ambition was high”, says Ingrid: “We wanted to start online and offline platforms for B2B and create a B2B community where knowledge sharing and networking would be key.

At the same time we wanted to transform SPOTONVISION as a thought leader in B2B, generate inbound leads and grow our market share.

In all of these areas we succeeded and reached our goals of ‘The Ongoing Journey of Thought Leadership’. We’re proud to be invited to the Finals in London in November.”

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