Beyond the Hype: B2B Marketing Trend Report 2017

Amstelveen, March 16th, 2017 – The greatest forces of change are the buyers and their buying habits. B2B marketers need to know how to take advantage of these trends in order to develop and execute marketing plans for 2017 and beyond. With the rapid pace of innovation in marketing technology and an overwhelming number of online marketing tools to choose from, many B2B marketers are struggling to understand how to implement the right technologies and methods that will help them achieve their objectives and goals.

Thought leaders shared their vision

That’s why B2B marketing agency spotONvision interviewed some of the most influential B2B marketers from around the world, and asked them to share their vision. And most important, we asked them to explain why these trends are relevant to you as a B2B marketer, to your company and what they could mean to your strategy. Jon Miller (CEO and co-founder at Engagio and co-founder of Marketo), Meagen Eisenberg (CMO at MongoDB), Steve Woods (CTO at Nudge Software Inc. and co-founder of Eloqua), Scott Brinker (CTO and co-founder at Ion Interactive and editor of, Mark Appel (CMO at Exact) and others shared their vision with us about the expected trends for the upcoming years.

3 important trends

Unanimous agreement: 2017 will be the year of strategic account-based marketing. Account-based marketing is also known as key account marketing. It is a strategic approach to marketing in which an organisation considers and communicates with individual prospect or customer. In the upcoming years, more marketers will use ABM and better understand its importance.

Thereby we believe that more companies will increase their budget on true customer advocacy programmes that deliver superior results. This because people leverage on their references. Also, some technology trends will become mainstream. Think about for example of the power of artificial intelligence or predictive analytics.

About spotONvision

spotONvision helps companies increase revenue. As an innovative B2B marketing agency, we apply both data and demand generation strategies in order to develop and implement integrated sales and marketing tailored to your business. We support your marketing and sales teams with programmes that guide customers on a journey from awareness to consideration to purchase. We drive and support your lead generation, lead nurturing, sales enablement and customer marketing.

As founders of the B2B Marketing Forum and the B2B Marketing Award (Benelux), spotONvision continues to support the development and exchange of knowledge among B2B marketers.

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