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What is a customer journey?

The customer journey maps the entire customer process. It starts with signing a contract or receiving your product or service. And ends when someone becomes an advocate of your organisation, or leaves. A customer journey actually never ends. Ideally, a customer stays with you as long as possible. While the buyer journey is about market and sell, the customer journey is about the right support and service. A clear overview of each phase in the buyer and customer process helps you to better serve your customers. We are happy to help you map the journey of your customers.

Customer journey mapping

Together, we map the current journey of your customer also known as customer journey mapping. Which stopovers do you customers make, when and why? A customer journey map provides insight in opportunities to improve the customer experience. Why we call it ‘mapping’? Because we visualise the journey, touchpoints and emotions, on all moments and across all possible channels. Organisations who pay more attention to their customers and customer experience, achieve a much higher profit in the long run. Time to get started with your customer journey!

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Do’s & dont’s of the customer journey

The advantages of a customer journey with SPOTONVISION

  • Overview of all your growth opportunities
  • In-depth insights in the customer journey through your organisation
  • Smart improvements you can put into practice directly

How we get started together

At SPOTONVISION we create customer journeys that stick. Together we research the journey your customers are currently going through and gain insight in their wishes. We then translate this to concrete recommendations and your personal customer journey action plan. This is the starting point for an improved customer experience and future-proof business strategy.

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