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Turn your dashboard into food for thought

What is a marketing dashboard in B2B?

It helps you go from online marketing to business intelligence. By monitoring KPIs and objectives, you can understand where the opportunities and bottlenecks lie – so you can take next steps.

Why a personalized dashboard?

Data is useful when it’s easily and rapidly understood. Attempting to use multiple systems to read different data sets delivers poor results. A personalised dashboard puts all your KPIs in one place, making them easy to see and manage.

The advantages of dashboarding with SPOTONVISION

  • Help with choosing the data that matters
  • All insights in one view
  • Simplified management on the right KPIs

How we get to work

Together we’ll discuss your needs and help you discover what data is available and what is missing. We’ll work with your team to bring together and optimise all data sources on to one dashboard. Your business will gain the ability to use data to make informed decisions that drive marketing and sales.

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