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Lead management

How do you organize it?

What is lead management?

Lead management helps close the gap between Marketing and Sales. It is a system of developing a lead into a qualified one through lead planning, nurturing and scoring. Often referred to as either a Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) or a Sales Qualified Lead (SQL), this approach enables your company to measure its sales and marketing activities.

Lead management in B2B organises and structures leads to increase conversion and quality. It is important to document and understand this process to maximise your return on revenue (ROI).

Need help in setting up or improving your lead management process?

We can help you organise your lead management process

We’re happy to help you every step of the way. We’ll start with a series of conversations and workshops, bringing together both Marketing and Sales. By structuring your lead management process, you’ll increase lead quality and achieve better alignment between Marketing and Sales. We take the following steps:

1. Mapping the buyer journey

Understanding which decision makers play a role in the buying process and what’s on their mind is critical to your sales and marketing effort.  Together we’ll map the customer journey, from awareness to a sale and beyond.

2. Lead qualification

When colleagues from both Marketing and Sales speak the same ‘language’ they’re able to perform their best. By using the same criteria to define a lead, a Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL), and a Sales Qualified Lead (SQL), Sales and Marketing can be on the same page.

3. Lead scoring

To map this, we’ll help you create a scoring process that includes what your sales team needs to know.

4. Time to nurture your leads

Leads that are not yet ready to buy a product or service can be nurtured with content. By offering the right content at the right time, a lead can be cultivated into a qualified one that sees the value your company offers.

5. Goal setting

The simplest way to increase the success of your lead management program is to set goals. One way to do this is use your past conversion rates, and establish achievable sales targets for the upcoming quarters.

6. SLAs

After setting up clear qualifications, a well-working scoring model, and lead management process, it is time for Sales to take over the lead and to start making contact. By aligning expectations about follow-ups and goals, Marketing and Sales can work together to achieve greater results.

7. Evaluate and optimize

During the lead management process, it is important to gather and evaluate the results. This way you can determine the success of your marketing campaigns and optimise where needed.

The advantages of lead management with SPOTONVISION

  • Improve lead quality and increase revenue
  • A concrete approach that can be scaled
  • Foster collaboration between Marketing and Sales

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