Lead management

Lead management

How do you organize it?

What is lead management?

What exactly is the definition of lead management? Lead management closes the gap between Marketing and Sales. It is a process where you develop a lead into a qualified lead by means of lead planning, nurturing and scoring. Ever heard of a Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) or a Sales Qualified Lead (SQL)? Are you being measured on lead delivery?

Lead management in B2B is about the process of organising and structuring leads and increasing conversion and quality. Especially in B2B marketing, it is important to document and understand this process, in order to get a higher revenue and ROI in the end.

Need help in setting up or improving your lead management process?

How do you organise your lead management process?

We help you with every step in the lead management process. We often do so in a series of conversations and workshops in which both Marketing and Sales are involved. By bringing structure to your lead management process, this will give you increased lead quality and better alignment between Marketing and Sales. We take the following steps:

1. Mapping the buyer journey

Which decision makers play a role in the buying process of your potential customer? These crucial buyer insights are needed to understand how you can approach the market. Together we map the buyer journey. This provides the foundation for the next steps.

2. Lead qualification

Time after time we see the importance of colleagues from both Marketing and Sales speaking the same ‘language’. What is a lead? What is a Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL)? And when do we talk about a Sales Qualified Lead (SQL)?

3. Determine lead scoring

Of course you want to determine when a lead is a potential customer. To map this, you assign a score to each lead. But how do you organise such a score? What does your sales team actually want to know? Setting up your lead scoring provides you better insights in how qualified a lead is later on.

4. Time to nurture your leads

Leads who are not ready to buy a product or service yet, can be nurtured with content. If we offer the right content at the right time, you commit your lead to your organisation.

5. Goal setting

Before lead management can become a success, you have to set goals. Do this up front and base your initial conversion rates on results from the past.

6. SLAs

After setting up clear qualifications, a well working scoring model, and lead management process, it is time for Sales to take over the lead and to start following up. By aligning expectations about the follow-up, Marketing and Sales can work together in a much better way.

7. Evaluate and optimize

During the lead management process, it is important to gather and evaluate the results. This way you can determine the success of your marketing campaigns and optimise where needed.

The advantages of lead management with SPOTONVISION

  • On the road to higher quality leads and more revenue
  • A concrete approach which can be scaled
  • For the best collaboration between Marketing and Sales

How we get started together

Do you want to enable better alignment between Marketing and Sales and generate higher conversion and revenue as a result? Together we find the most successful way to reach and engage your buyers, anywhere and anytime. We are happy to help you!


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