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Webinar: Marketing Technology Trends for 2017

Are you curious about the B2B marketing trends of 2017? Perhaps you’re more interested in knowing which technologies can help you leverage on these trends? During this 30 minute webinar, we will show you what the expected trends for 2017 are. We will also outline the impact of these trends on technology choices.

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B2B Marketing Trend Report 2017

The greatest forces of change in B2B are the buyers and their buying habits. It is therefore of great importance for B2B marketers to know what the expected trends will be for 2017 and subsequent years.

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Study: From ROI to Customer Journey Success

Companies that conduct a customer journey management programme outperform companies that do not. This report is about customer journeys and the value of marketing. Do you want to learn how to create a customer-centric marketing organization? Download the report now.

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Study: B2B customer experience in 2015

[In Dutch only] Which sectors in B2B are more or less customer centric, what is the predictive value of NPS when it comes to customer preference and what is the range of content (videos, whitepapers , blogs, etc.) in B2B? Curious about the results? Download this report.

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Study: Can B2B Marketers show ROI?

This report is about the status of marketing performance management in large, Dutch B2B companies. The purpose of the report is to understand what challenges marketers in proving their value to the business, how marketers measure the ROI of marketing and how marketers plan to improve their efforts in the coming months and years. Curious? Download the report now.

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Customer Centricity Marketing Expedition

[In Dutch only] In collaboration with Canon, spotONvision has executed the research study ‘Customer Centricity Marketing Expedition.’ The research answers the question how can a marketing department smoothly navigate customer centricity, innovation and technology. Curious at the results? Download the full research report and start today with customer-oriented marketing.

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Business Buyer Insights XL 2014

[In Dutch Only] How do B2B buyers decide on large investments? Any sales or marketing professional would like to have more insights in this process. In the annual Dutch survey for the B2B-community, by TNS NIPO and spotONvision, we looked at B2B investments of more than €100.000,-. Do you want to know how business buyers investigate solutions? Which sources are more valuable than others? And what the do’s and don’ts are for every phase of the buying process? Download the TNS NIPO and spotONvision Business Buyer Insights XL 2014 report.

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B2B Pocket 5: Content Recycling in B2B

[In Dutch Only] Recycling content saves budget and time, and gives B2B marketers many more advantages. However, how do you start this process? This pocket introduces the concept of Content Recycling in five steps.

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B2B Business Buyer Insights 2013

The Business Buyer Insights report was developed by spotONvision and TNS NIPO to give marketers better insights in B2B Marketing. How do buyers find their providers? Which sources do they deem important? All of this is explained in the report.

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B2B Marketing Barometer 2012

[In Dutch only] The B2B Marketing Barometer 2012 gives insights about the most used marketing strategies used by colleagues. Here you can learn what are the most effective tools to market with.

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B2B Marketing Barometer 2011

[In Dutch only] The B2B Marketing Barometer 2011 gives insights about the most used marketing strategies used by colleagues. Here you can learn what are the most effective tools to market with.

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B2B Pocket 4: About buyer personas

[In Dutch only] Buyer personas allow you to understand your buyer. This is crucial information for your next marketing strategy. Learn how to effectively use this tool to your advantage and increase revenue, conversions and leads.

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B2B Pocket 3: B2B content marketing and lead generation

[In Dutch only] How do you use content marketing to generate more leads? This pocket gives practical tips and information on how to achieve a better lead generation process.

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B2B Pocket 2: Practical tips for B2B conversations

[In Dutch only] Having B2B conversations with your buyer is not as easy as it seems. This pocket will give you practical tips and will give you more information on the social aspect. How do you mobilize your employees to also engage with buyers? All of that in this second pocket.

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B2B Pocket 1: Attracting and engaging with customers

[In Dutch only] How to you make sure you keep your customers engaged with your company? That can be quite a challenge. This first pocket explains how you should position your company as thought leader and how to generate more and higher quality leads.

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eBook: The power of webinars

[In Dutch Only] Webinars are an excellent tool to address a large audience at minimal costs. The tool is being used more and more in B2B, and therefore it is very important to understand this method of marketing. This eBook will give in-depth insights in the use of webinars.

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eBook: How to start with content marketing

[In Dutch Only] Do you want your target audience to come to you? Using content marketing is the perfect way to achieve this. By developing relevant content, you can attract the right leads and potential customers. This eBook will give you the basics on how to get started with content marketing.
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How to measure Customer Journey Success

More and more Marketing Executives have come to realize that the traditional approach to budget allocation, by campaign and channel, does not match the way modern marketers seek to optimize the customer’s experience. As a result companies now focus more on investing along the different stages in the customer journey. In this webinar we will share best practices regarding the KPIs that can be used to track customer journey success.

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Cross Border Buyer Personas

Do you work in an international environment and do you wonder how to make the best buyer personas, how to deploy and use them across multiple countries? Then join us for a look into best practices and international case studies. During this webinar you will learn which choices you will have to make with an international buyer persona project, how to approach an international buyer persona project, how to deploy and use international buyer personas and steps to take to avoid common pitfalls.

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7 Steps to Successful Campaign Management

Campaign management is rapidly changing as organisations shift to a buyer-centric approach. There are many challenges in successfully executing these kinds of integrated campaigns, but also many benefits. During this webinar we delved into the challenges and benefits of successful campaign management and walked through a 7-step framework for building successful campaigns.

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B2B marketing and ROI

Can B2B Marketers Show ROI? In the research on B2B marketing performance management, spotONvision interviewed 26 CMO’s and marketing directors of Dutch, leading B2B companies. During this webinar we have covered topics like marketing performance maturity, the effectivity of marketers that play the game and three critical elements to improve performance management capabilities.

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Managing integrated customer centric campaigns

Global campaigns are a critical component during an organisation’s shift to a customer-centric approach. There are lots of changes in successfully executing these kind of integrated campaigns, but also many benefits. Follow this webinar and learn more about it.

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The 3 keys to successful B2B marketing

[In Dutch only] Is your marketing toolbox overcrowded? Content Marketers today have many options – think whitepapers, infographics, webinars, social media and blogs. What tactics are increasingly being used by B2B experts and which are most successful? Watch the webinar recording and discover more about three key tactics: infographics, blogs and webinars.

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Marketing Expedition | Customer Centricity: the top 5 investments

[In Dutch only] In collaboration with Canon, spotONvision has executed the research study ‘Customer Centricity Marketing Expedition.’ The research answers the question how can a marketing department smoothly navigate customer centricity, innovation and technology. Ready to start incorporating customer centricity in all your marketing activities? Follow this webinar and learn how.

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The hidden sales cycle

Marketers know their role has changed dramatically in the last few years. Once upon a time the sales person controlled the sales cycle. Today, because of online research, buyers are much more informed about what they want to buy before that first sales contact. Marketing now educates the buyers in the early sales cycle. Learn about the hidden sales cycle and how marketing can help sales take advantage of the new buying process.

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Marketing Automation for beginners

[In Dutch Only] What is marketing automation? How do you use it and how does it affect both the marketing and sales department? This webinar will explain the basics of Marketing Automation and will inform you on the latest developments. The tool is becoming increasingly popular and it allows companies to increase conversions and revenue.

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Becoming ‘Best-in-Class’ with Lead Management

[In Dutch only] The marketing department is frustrated in most B2B companies. Sales does not follow up on the leads provided, while they complain that the quality of the leads is inadequate. Over 70% of these companies don’t have a streamlines lead management process. In this session you will learn what Lead Management is and why it is necessary in B2B, how it increases revenue and conversions and how it aligns marketing and sales.

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Business Buyer Insights 2013

[In Dutch only] Understanding the buyer is crucial to any B2B marketing strategy. The Business Buyer Insights report shows marketers how their target audience searches for provides of a service or product. The webinar gives more in-depth information about the subject and shows more information about the results published in the report.

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Social Media in B2B

[In Dutch Only] How do you effectively use Social Media in B2B marketing? This webinar will give insights, tips and tricks to achieve the most effective Social Media marketing strategy for your business.

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Persona Marketing: answering the needs of your target audience

Using Buyer Personas you can provide the right information to the right person at the right time. How do you do this? Follow this webinar and learn how.

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How to integrate social media in B2B

[In Dutch Only] How do you integrate social media into your B2B marketing strategy? This webinar will give you in-depth information about this question and will help you to develop an effective marketing strategy.

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How to generate more leads using B2B content

[In Dutch Only] Having relevant content is the first step to generating more leads in B2B. To achieve this, there are several steps you should follow. All which are explained in this webinar.

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The B2B story of Maersk: how to engage with customers, using content

[In Dutch Only] When generating more leads, as a marketer you have multiple tools to your disposal. However, the most important thing to have is content. Relevant content will make sure your customer or lead will keep on returning to you for more information.

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Content Marketing: how to engage with customers using content

In Dutch Only] How to engage with customers using content? This webinar will explain how to give your content a central position in your marketing strategy. Want to know more about Contentmarketing? Then don’t hesitate to sign up.

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E-mailmarketing & social media: a match made in heaven

[In Dutch Only] Despite developments, email marketing is still a very important part of B2B Marketing. This strategy can be perfectly combined with social media marketing, to get the most insights of your buyer and their needs.

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The key to engagement with B2B Customers

[In Dutch Only] To be succesful in B2B Marketing, you need to engage with your customers. By viewing this webinar, you will learn more about the possible ways to become better at customer engagement.

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Buyer Personas: The key to effective B2B marketing

[In Dutch Only] Buyer Persona’s let you effectively market your product or service. The strategy allows you to have better insights in your buyer.

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Know your buyer: the what & how of buyer personas

[In Dutch only] Is the buyer central to your marketing strategy? That would have to be, if you want to be successful as a marketing department. Marketers must understand their target audience and buyer personas are an excellent way to do that. Learn how to get a better understanding of your buyer and how to best assist her/him during the buying process.

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B2B Marketing Forum 2015

B2B Marketing Forum is een initiatief van B2B-marketingbureau spotONvision. B2B Marketing Forum is het jaarlijks terugkerende event dat zich richt op business-to-business marketing- en communicatieprofessionals. Heb je het B2B Marketing Forum 2015 gemist? Bekijk onze videorapportage van de zesde editie van het B2B Marketing Forum.

The new agenda of marketing and sales

To transform your marketing department successfully to a department where the focus is on customer-centric thinking, Arthur Simonetti (Marketing Director at DSM) gives 3 crucial tips. Besides that, Arthur believes that we need to avoid talking longer about the separate departments ‘marketing’ and ‘sales’, and that the agendas of (the now mostly separate departments) marketing and sales, should focus on the 3 E’s: explore, engage and excite.

Sales & Marketing Alignment

Sales & Marketing need to understand each other and make clear definitions of the Buyer and the Buyer Journey. Tony Jaros, SVP at SiriusDecisions explains this in an interview with Shimon Ben Ayoun.

Seth Godin in the Netherlands

Seth Godin visited the B2B Marketing Forum on the 31st of March 2010. Seth wrote the best sellers Purple Cow and Permission Marketing. During the day there were around 450 attendees. Here he inspired and motivated marketers, communications professionals and sales people. For more information, please visit

About Whitepaper Marketing

A short introduction about Whitepaper Marketing in B2B by Ingrid Archer-van den Berg (Content is in dutch).

How to use LinkedIn in B2B marketing

A short introduction to the possibilities that LinkedIn offers for B2B Marketing.