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Resource image_Content guide Sales enablement

Content Guide: How can Marketing help Sales to sell more, faster?

Learn more about how Sales Enablement can boost your business in this content guide. Including practical examples.
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Recording: How Marketing activates Sales with content

Find out what role content from Marketing can play in enabling Sales
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B2B Marketing Guide: Reflections & Predictions for 2023

Looking at successful B2B marketing and sales in 2023, we need to embrace anything that helps redefine customer engagement. In this guide, we help you plan for 2023.
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How to build a sales enablement plan

Sales enablement will be the key to the success of creating meaningful interactions with customers and achieving the growth of your business.  
E-book Buyer persona step-by-step guide

E-book: Buyer Persona Step-by-step guide

The right message to the right buyer? Where do you start? This step-by-step guide helps you develop a buyer persona. You will find interview tips and you will learn more about the most common mistakes.
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Boost your business with Sales Enablement

Help your sales organization by providing them with the right information, content, and tools to sell effectively and efficiently. Learn more about Sales Enablement in this infographic.

Checklist Buyer persona implementation

Do not let your buyer persona end up in a drawer. Keep an eye on your persona and keep the insights up to date. Here’s a checklist on how to keep your buyer persona alive, from the moment of birth.
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Recording: Creating content that converts

Quality content in B2B is about helping your buyer to buy. Find out what you need to create content that converts from this webinar.