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What is lead generation in B2B?

Lead generation, also known as demand generation, it’s a method to attract potential customers (prospects) of your product or service. It encourages them to start a customer journey by enticing them with relevant information through various channels.

Each piece of content is mapped to a point on the customer journey. This helps build trust and a relationship as they gain information about industry trends and your company’s role in the sector. As the prospect increases confidence in you and your business, they are more likely to purchase your products or services.

Why lead generation?

It’s more effective than making cold calls as a way to gain new business. Done correctly, lead generation helps convert prospects into customers. It combines brand awareness with content such as blogs, articles, videos, ebooks, and infographics. These enable you to demonstrate your expertise on specific topics. And that expertise makes you and your business appealing to both prospects and customers.

Lead generation with inbound marketing

Creative inbound marketing campaigns and insightful content turns your website into a lead generator. And to attract the attention of prospects, we’ll optimise your website, publish branded content on the right online channels, and reach out to your target audience via such tools as email, physical mail and social media.

Nurture your leads until they blossom

Rarely do leads instantly become a customer or are handed over to Sales. The process is similar to a first date. You take it slow. You give them just enough attention and nurturing to keep them interested.

The advantages of lead generation campaigns with SPOTONVISION

  • More traffic to your website
  • More high-quality leads for Sales
  • Become viewed by your prospects as an industry leader

This is how we get started together

Great lead generation requires a great strategy. Together with you and your sales colleagues, we’ll define the plan based on the customer journey. This includes the theme, content and channels. We’ll also determine the objectives, approach and content of the campaign, and how to take it from concept to execution.

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