Lead generation

Lead generation

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What is lead generation in B2B?

Lead generation is the attraction of potential buyers (prospects) for you product or service. You encourage the prospect to start a buyer journey. A journey that, through various channels, leads to the best solution for a question or challenge.

How do you make sure that these potential buyers end up with you? You do this by creating demand (demand generation) and generating leads for your organization.

Why lead generation?

Do you wonder where you can find new customers, how you generate qualitative leads and how you set up smart lead generation programs? A lead is a person who shows interest in your organization and of course you want to turn this lead into a customer.  Brand awareness, but also content such as blogs and ebooks raise interest. You show your expertise on a specific topic. But then what? What is your next step? We would love to help you and take this step together.

Lead generation with inbound marketing

With a creative inbound marketing campaign you turn your website in a real lead generator. Based on the insights in the buying process of your buyer, the buyer journey, you offer content. But how do you make sure you get found? We get started with the optimization of your website, publish branded content on the right online channels and reach your target audience via mail and social media.

Nurture your leads until they blossom

Most leads are not instantly ready to become a customer or be handed over to Sales. This process is often compared with a first date. You do not ask someone to marry you on your first date, right? In other words, don’t waste time on following-up contacts who are not ready to talk to you yet. Leads need attention and they need get respect for you and/or your product. We call this process nurturing.

The advantages of lead generation campaigns with SPOTONVISION

  • More traffic to your website
  • More qualitative leads for Sales
  • Visibility of your brand amongst your target audience

This is how we get started together

Good lead generation is based on a good strategy. Together with you and your sales colleagues we will define the plan. We determine the objectives, approach and content of the campaign. This way we define the campaign strategy based on the buyer journey including theme, content and channels. From concept to execution: we help you set up successful lead generation campaigns. Together we will get started on lead generation for the next generation!


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