Conversational marketing Conversational marketing

Conversational marketing

For meaningful interactions

What is conversational marketing?

It’s the fastest way to help a customer make a purchase. Through the power of real-time chat conversations, you can create an optimal experience for your website visitors.

This avoids forcing them to fill out a form and wait for a call. Instead, a chatbot lets visitors immediately engage in a conversation with your company. Each message, personalized for each visitor, feels natural. And as soon as the visitor shows interest, a member of your team can take over the chat window to close the sale, set up a demonstration or other activity.

Conversational marketing changes the way your buyers buy

B2B conversations are taking place online, especially at the early stage. Think of Slack, Skype or Teams. People like to chat.

A traditional funnel often looks like this:

Sales funnel

However, customers no longer have time.

  • Only 43% of people answer a phone call of an unknown number
  • Email open rates have dropped to 20%
  • Conversions on landing pages is on average 2.35%

Source: Drift

Your B2B marketing needs to be much more personal.

Improve your website conversion ratio

Benefit by adding conversational marketing to your marketing mix.

  • Create personal interaction with leads via chat instead of forms
  • Quickly discover information about your lead and their goals
  • Determine next steps based on this information to nurture the lead, resulting in a sale

We’ll help you integrate a conversational marketing platform with marketing automation software. This enables real time notifications for your sales team, while speeding up lead qualification and appointment setting.

The advantages of conversational marketing with SPOTONVISION

  • Higher conversions on your website
  • Fast and efficient qualification of leads
  • Sales gains insight into each prospect’s needs

This is how we get to work

Whether you get started with account-based marketing or lead generation in the broadest sense of the word, interaction with the buyer is always on top of the list for Sales and Marketing. Together we set up a pilot. We integrate the right technology and add real time conversations to your way of working. We do this together with partner Drift, one of the world’s first smart bot platforms that makes conversational marketing possible. Want to get started together? We would love to show you how much there is to gain.

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