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What is brand positioning in B2B?

A crowded market can make it hard to stand out, even if your brand, product or service is unique. A brand positioning strategy helps define your message and core values in ways that gain your customers’ attention.

Roadmap brand positioning

Imagine you’re about to launch a new product or increase the visibility of your existing products or services. A strong brand can mean the difference between success and failure. In 4 steps we can help you develop your brand positioning.

1. Insight on the market and competition

We start with market research and gather strategic insights. From a market perspective, we lead discussions with your team. We look at your brand, service and competition. We get hands-on in workshops, conversations and online research. We bring a sense of curiosity and structure information with your future in mind.

2. Brand positioning

With a deep understanding gained through insight we look at the future and we talk about strong brand positioning. We discuss how to connect your vision, mission and brand positioning. Together we build the ultimate promise to the customer. And then we’ll explain how to evaluate our ideas.

3. Validation and brand strategy

How does the customer see the market, your products, services, and ideas? We’ll validate your brand positioning by having conversations with your customers. And we’ll use their feedback to develop your unique brand positioning.

4. Communication plan

To provide great brand experiences, we’ll translate your brand positioning into a clear communication plan. We’ll help you understand what’s needed to be successful and which messages suit your customers from a wide range of angles.

Advantages of developing a brand positioning strategy with the help of SPOTONVISION

  • Unique creative methods take just 4 steps
  • We work together from start to finish
  • Stakeholders involved during the entire process

This is how we get started

Brand positioning at SPOTONVISION means a clear project with interaction and feedback. Together we’ll help you conquer the market with a unique story.

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