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What is content strategy in B2B?

When building valuable business relations your content marketing approach is a critical success factor. Good content sets your customers in motion. From blogs to webinars and videos or whitepapers. By offering valuable content you’re creating a truly personal customer experience. And when you can provide personal and relevant content in each phase of the buyer journey, you’re on your way to your next level. So you generate better leads as well as you develop your reputation as an industry thought leader. Where do you start? We can help you.


In 6 steps to your content marketing strategy

In six steps we help you to build your successful content marketing strategy. We support you in each step of the process. Together we collect buyer insights, discover which content works, and what existing content can be recycled.

1. Develop your buyer persona

Developing buyer personas will help you understand your buyers’ challenges and their information needs. We also discover which decision makers play a part in the buying process.

2. Map your content

Do we have a clear view of the buyer journey? We can now map your content and themes to the buyer journey. This way you increase the conversion rate and revenue. Together we structure all the ideas in a content map.

3. Create content

We support in creating relevant content that fits your target audience’s needs. We know that this is no easy feat. The right content will deliver the exact right information, and more.

4. Promote your content

Your content won’t deliver results unless you promote it. Together we define the most successful way to pull in your audience, to engage and convert them.

5. Measure your results

How do you measure results? We can show these results. By looking at your metrics of the content we can determine how to improve. This is important input for your next marketing campaign.

6. Audit and recycle content

You don’t always have to re-invent the wheel. When designing a new marketing campaign we audit your content and identify what can be reused in new ways.

The pros of a content strategy with SPOTONVISION

  • A way of working that guarantees the best results
  • Clear structure and planning for production, publication and promotion
  • Unique content that suits the buyer

Start content strategy with SPOTONVISION

Content strategy at SPOTONVISION means an integrated, customer-centric way of working. Content and campaigns are matching. This way you target your customer with exactly the right message, always and everywhere.

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