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Shimon Ben Ayoun is a creative and result-oriented marketing and sales professional with extensive experience in B2B. Meaningful conversations, both on a business and personal level, give him energy. He is a co-founder of SPOTONVISION and the B2B Marketing Forum. Helping you to achieve marketing goals and keeping you informed on the latest trends and developments are at the top of Shimon’s list.
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5 tips for great alignment between Sales & Marketing
How do you ensure good alignment between Sales and Marketing? We have listed the 5 best tips for you to improve your B2B marketing campaigns.
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Campaigns, Marketing Automation
Hype or reality? Artificial Intelligence and the future of marketing automation
Artificial Intelligence within marketing automation has been an area in which many developments have been taking place for a longer time.
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Marketing Automation, Technology
How to get more out of your marketing automation?
Marketing automation can be great tooling in order to achieve your marketing KPIs. However,  marketers often find themselves confused about how exactly to use marketing automation to the fullest. When results don’t show overnight, we blame the tool.
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Sales Enablement, Strategy
Are you interested in shaking up your sales enablement?
Whenever we are to research anything about improving sales or marketing processes, it is virtually impossible to escape the unavoidable “creating better alignment between marketing and sales”. Sales enablement is a process that allows for sales to gain access to the necessary information, content and tools that will increase effective selling.
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Content Marketing
Build an organisation around the needs of your customer
Adapt faster to customer needs, increase the speed and quality of the marketing-outcome and improve working culture. Sound too good to be true? For Willemijn Schneyder from Number8 this is what agility can result in. “It’s about bringing agility into marketing by adopting agile principles mostly known from start-ups and IT developments.
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Marketing Automation, Technology
Buyer Engagement with Marketing Automation
Recently, we have been taking a closer look at the ins and outs of marketing automation. In the first of a series of articles on this subject, we discussed the challenges today’s B2B marketers are facing and one common thread throughout: the need to boost the efficiency and results of the marketing department. This is where marketing automation can really prove its value!
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Marketing Automation
The 5 main reasons for marketing automation in B2B
According to Forrester Research, in 2015, CEOs will demand a detailed ROI report that shows how marketing contributes to revenue generation or other business objectives. A proven way to illustrate marketing’s contribution is by introducing a marketing automation system. This relatively new technology helps measuring the effectiveness of marketing, offering better insight into the ROI of marketing programs and initiatives. In fact, B2B marketers have five major challenges that stress the importance of using marketing automation software.
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Buyer journey, Strategy
B2B marketers need a new marketing mix
What priority does data quality have in your marketing strategy? Recently, Shimon Ben Ayoun interviewed Kees Henniphof, Senior Manager New Customers at ServiceNow. Kees is one of the speakers at the B2B Marketing Forum this year. According to Kees data should be top priority. Only by using the right data you can accelerate a lead in the buying process. When you know who is looking for what, where and when, you can better tailor your content to the buyer’s needs. But let’s be honest, this is not easy.
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Lead Nurturing
Tips and tricks for a good B2B lead nurturing: a case story
In my last blog Meagen Eisenberg (Vice President of Demand generation at DocuSign in the US) shared her vision on the importance of mutual understanding and a good cooperation between marketing and sales. But what obviously improves the relationship between these two departments even more is the quality of leads that marketing gets from sales.
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