Sales enablement

Sales enablement

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What is sales enablement?

Every marketer wants to increase sales. Sales enablement is about developing marketing activities and programmes that support the sales department and drive revenue. The goal is to optimize marketing’s contribution to sales. Looking from the perspective of the buyer, you can also look at it as buyer enablement. It’s all about making the process of buying easier and more efficient by delivering valuable content in a buyer journey that is no longer simple and linear.

Why sales enablement?

Sales enablement programmes lead to better end results, as well as better co-operation between marketing and sales. This avoids, what Forrester Research calls, ‘random acts of sales support’, which happens when too many people are trying to help the sales team with no real strategy in place. You can now effectively contribute to closing deals by encouraging interaction and engagement between your company and your prospect.

Sales enablement in 3 steps:

1. Embracing your sales process in your culture

So, you want to improve your way of working right? That is our starting point. Developing a culture in which close partnership between sales and marketing is key. This way we will discuss where to improve. What do you need as a marketer from sales colleagues and vice versa.

2. Creating the right content that helps the buyer

Marketing and sales will be more successful when they better understand behaviour and challenges of leads and customers. You start by creating valuable content e.g. articles, infographics, videos or e-books. Or maybe you can support in creating proposals or get involved in an RFP. Important in all this is to place the buyer in the centre of your approach. And, serve the buyer together with Sales.

3. Using technology that makes selling and buying easier

You can find many tools in the market to make selling and buying easier. Do you have this technology in place, outside your CRM system? We can help. Every company and sales department has different needs. For sales and marketing to successfully contribute to the company, you must take steps toward supporting each other’s processes. We can help you in selecting and implementing the right sales enablement tools!

Why sales enablement with SPOTONVISION

  • Processes, content and technologies that engage
  • Successful cooperation between Sales and Marketing
  • Fundamental and quick improvements of your daily practice

This is how we get to work

SPOTONVISION can help map the informational needs of the prospects and create processes, plans, materials, and tools that resonate with your leads. This way we can optimize co-operation, evaluate and improve your buyer and sales enablement. We do this hand-in-hand with you. We love to get started.


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