Ultimo team behaalt lead management certificaat

Ultimo Software Solutions bv develops software for the efficient management of company resources and processes. As well as implementation and consultancy services, they also offer their clients courses and support.

Ultimo has recently made lots of progress with their marketing approach. This includes creating the buyer persona ‘Floris’, elaborating a content marketing plan and setting up the marketing automation system ‘Act-On’. To ensure that marketing and sales are on the same page, they urgently needed to make arrangements about the lead process, because when is a lead a qualified lead and how do you together determine the task allocation between marketing and sales?

To help them achieve this, spotONvision gave a lead management workshop at Ultimo. Jessica van Rijn from spotONvision: “During the workshop we mapped out the current lead processes together and identified the problems. The focus was on the lead qualification criteria that determine the successful handover of a lead from marketing to sales.”
The workshop was attended by decision-makers and important stakeholders within marketing and sales. It was a great success and has led to better coordination between marketing and sales at Ultimo.

Upon completion of the workshop, all participants proudly received the spotONvision lead management certificate.

Want to know more about lead management? Please send an email ([email protected]) or call: 020 705 58 88.