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E-book: Buyer Persona Step-by-step guide

A successful marketing strategy depends on your knowledge of your target audience. How do you craft the right message to the right buyer?  This step-by-step guide helps you develop a buyer persona, so you can create a strategy that connects with your audience.
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Webinar: Buyer Personas and AI: A new era for B2B Marketing?

Improve your buyer persona insights with AI and machine learning to create better content.

Buyer personas in the AI age: A comprehensive B2B Guide

Do you know what moves your buyer? Investing in a buyer persona means maximising your marketing ROI. Discover how in our new e-book.
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Buyer Personas in B2B: To Outsource or Do It Yourself? 7 Key Considerations


Checklist Buyer persona implementation

Do not let your buyer persona end up in a drawer. Keep an eye on your persona and keep the insights up to date. Here’s a checklist on how to keep your buyer persona alive, from the moment of birth.
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Finding buyer persona respondents

Finding respondents can be difficult, check out our tips for success.