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Webinar: The B2B Story of Maersk – How to Engage with Customers Online

Creating online engagement in B2B marketing still has many challenges. Focus and investing time in your online presence is key. In a live webinar on Tuesday June 5th we will present the amazing story of Maersk Line.

Shipping giant Maersk Line took up the engagement challenge and launched a Facebook page to establish more interaction with its B2B customers. With more than 248.000+ likes on its Facebook page, Maersk built up huge online brand recognition via social media. Priceless.  Especially when you realize that only one person within Maersk is spending half time of his job driving this to a success.

An unusual B2B marketing story in a unique industry.

Do you want to learn how Maersk Line created this engagement success story? You can ask Maersk yourself! On June 5th, Jonathan Wichmann – Communication Partner and Head of Social Media will answer all your questions during a live spotONvision webinar.

Your take-aways?

  • Learn the ins and outs of this great B2B success story
  • Take away practical tips and tricks on online engagement
  • Get inspired on social media in B2B!
  • Learn from the success of this shipping company in B2B online engagement and make you own plans. Stop your marketing and start engaging!


Ingrid Archer

Ingrid Archer is a marketing and communications professional ‘pur sang’ with more than 20 years of experience in B2B marketing and communication. She is co-founder of spotONvision and the B2B Marketing Forum. She initiated successful campaigns in various sectors and is one of the experts in the field of content marketing, buyer personas and lead nurturing in B2B.