Adoption internal organisation Adoption internal organisation

Adoption internal organisation

Everyone aboard

Marketing success comes when a team pulls in the same direction. This requires coordination among your Sales and Marketing departments and how they use technology.

Get buy-in from your organization

Marketing, Sales, Customer Service and IT play an important role in the success of your marketing activities. We’ll show your colleagues the importance of new ways of working and how they can benefit.

The advantages of Adoption with SPOTONVISION

  • We initiate and nurture company-wide change, necessary for success
  • Guidance during every step by experienced professionals
  • Practical training to help your team thrive

This is how we get to work

With agreed upon goals, we’ll inventory your current marketing activities and related technologies. This enables us to assess the sophistication of your business using various models we’ve developed. Afterwards, we can determine next steps. This may include optimising lead processes, setting up naming conventions, and providing training to make sure your company has the right technology and that your team has the right skills.

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