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Seth Godin: Marketers need to be proud of the work they do!

During the B2B Marketing Forum that spotONvision organized recently in Amsterdam, I had a unique chance to interview Seth Godin, Marketing Guru of the 21st century. As I had only ten minutes for the interview, I aimed at getting the best possible information from Seth in the most efficient way. In the meeting Seth gave some extra advice and tips and most of all inspiration to marketers.

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For those of you who prefer to read, I summarized the conversation in an article as well.

Don’t be afraid to come-up with ideas

“Don’t be afraid to come up with ideas, even bad ideas. Bad ideas are cheaper than ever before. Bad ideas don’t kill you. If it doesn’t work you just go to the next idea. Get over your fear. My inspiration comes from noticing things, seeing things in the world and wondering why they are, I am successful because I am not afraid to speak about ideas out loud.”

Purple Cow theory is still valid

“Even with the information overload we are experiencing today, not too many people will be remarkable, big companies will always be scared, and people will be focused on fitting in, instead of standing out. If you have the guts to be remarkable, people will talk about you.”

About the power of blogging

“Even if no one will read your blog you should have a blog. The act of thinking about an idea, writing it down and leaving a digital footprint is critically important! In addition, you have a free tool that lets you write to people who are interested in what you have to say. This is a great privilege. It is a gift! However, be truthful, interesting and transparent.”

Seth doesn’t let people comment on his blog, why not?

“I was annoyed by the fact that the comments left on my blog, was changing my way of writing, the post became longer and worse. I read all the comments I received by email, and usually I read how people are commenting on me in their own blogs.”

Rather a TV show than spend time on on Twitter

“I like to be the best in what I do, and to be best, I will have to spend a few hours every day on Twitter, the question is what shall I do less, write less, blog less or interact less with people? One thing marketers should think about before starting to use any new tool, and spending unlimited amount of time to do it very well, you need to decide if you have unlimited amount of time, and for those who do, it is an incredibly powerful tool. If I had this time I would rather do a TV show. It is rather difficult to write 140 character message which will resonate with people.”

About Linchpin

“We are now entering a new age, the post factory age, where everything was made in a factory, candles, insurance policies, consultancies, the model was to get compliant workers, get their obedience, have them do what they are told and then sell more of what they make, And that’s over now!!
For many people this is a new opportunity, to do work that matters, to connect with people, to do art, to make a difference. My question to people is: Are you going to try to fit in? and engage in a race to the bottom? or Will you try to stand out and race to the top?”

Emotional labor

“The act of doing the job we don’t feel like, the act of having difficult conversations, the act of coming up with an idea that scares us, the act of making connections that might be frightening, successful people look further and choose to do things that matter.”

From marketing to leadership

“Marketing has changed to be leadership, to be art. Marketing has changed from strategic, money corporate stuff, to individual, honest, personal work that matters stuff. So we need to be creative leaders to succeed.”

The ideal persona in marketing

“I never tell people how to do it, my job is to help you make the choice, up or down. Marketing people should be transparent, remarkable, indispensable, leaders and a connectors, and be proud in the work they do! Only the people who make our community better could probably stand out and proudly say that they are marketers.”

Shimon Ben Ayoun

Shimon Ben Ayoun is co-founder and managing director of spotONvision and the B2B Marketing Forum. He helps marketers in the transformation of marketing as 'cost center' to 'revenue generator'. He is constantly looking for innovations in B2B and technology to increase the success of marketers.