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New colleague: Tiia Perkkio

Name: Tiia Perkkio
Job function: Campaign Specialist
Vision on B2B Marketing: Behind the bigger picture there’s always individuals making a difference

What did you do before you joined spotONvision?

“I am recently graduated. I studied International Communications and Media in Utrecht. In fact, I started at spotONvision a few months before graduating. During my study years I kept busy with jobs back home in Finland as well as here in the Netherlands. I first entered the B2B-world during a marketing internship with the cross-border payment processor GlobalCollect.”

How did you end up at spotONvision?

“I knew one of my new colleagues at spotONvision from my internship earlier. When there was an opening in the campaign management team of spotONvision, they thought I’d be a good addition to the team, and after meeting the spotONteam, I immediately felt at home.”

What is your role at spotONvision exactly?

“At spotONvision I work as a Campaign Specialist in the campaign management team. My main focus is implementing and executing client campaigns using marketing automation tools. I also work with a wide range of digital marketing related activities as well as internal tasks, like our monthly newsletter, the spotONupdate.”

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

“I am currently busy setting up a new home in Utrecht after moving house. When I’m not painting in the house you can spot me drinking coffee in the beautiful city centre of Utrecht, catching music shows around the Netherlands, or enjoying parks and other nature areas like a true Finn.”

What is your tip for B2B organizations?

“I am a firm believer of marketing automation. Marketers can really benefit from tools that combine information and activities in one place and that enable you to look at your audience’s behaviour on a larger scale, yet with detailed reporting. A good overview and understanding are especially important for B2B organisations, where you need knowledge of the individuals you communicate with, their organisations’ goals, structure, etc.”

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