Metaverse: What’s in it for B2B?

The Metaverse: What’s in it for B2B?

Call it a buzzword, but the Metaverse is likely to shake up your marketing strategy in the next few years. Learn all about the definition, practical implications and best practices of the latest Internet hype(s) in this 3-hours session. 

On March 16 experts from VINT, Salesforce and Deloitte will join us in Amsterdam as we dive into the hot topic of the Metaverse. Don’t miss out on your chance to meet like-minded B2B marketing & sales leaders and learn what the future of customer engagement will look like. Sign up now!


  • Keynote ‘Real Fake’ by researcher and trend analyst Sander Duivestein
  • Panel discussion with Salesforce and Deloitte: Applying the metaverse in business
  • Network drinks with B2B marketing and sales leaders

Practical info:

Timing: Thursday 16 March, 15:00-18:00 CET
Location: Amsterdam
Costs: Free for invitees

What are Growth Leaders?

Growth leaders in B2B are managers that are actively contributing to their organisation’s growth goals. Think of CMOs, Heads of sales, Commercial Directors and the like. Your exact title doesn’t matter, as long as you are somehow responsible for business growth in a large B2B organisation.  

We invite you to exclusive knowledge-sharing events to keep up with the latest trends in B2B marketing and to network with your peers! Get an impression of last year’s event here: 

Why join this event?

  • Learn about one of the hottest topics of the moment
  • Shape your vision for sales & marketing for the coming years
  • Network with marketing & sales leaders from the biggest B2B organisations
  • Event
  • English
  • Shimon Ben-Ayoun
  • Patrick Willer & Sander Duivestein
  • B2B marketing & sales managers / directors
  • Amsterdam
About the speaker(s)
Patrick Willer is intrigued by people. How we think. How we connect. What we create. And the role that technology plays in evolution. As innovation officer at Salesforce he writes and talks about innovation and technology, and the impact on our daily lives.

Sander Duivestein works for the international research institute of Sogeti. He is a speaker, trend watcher, internet entrepreneur, advisor and columnist about the impact of digital technology on people, companies and our society.

Shimon Ben-Ayoun is co-founder and managing partner of B2B marketing agency SPOTONVISION. He specialises in B2B marketing and sales. His personal goal is to unite marketing & sales departments to create one seamless customer experience.