Live event: The B2B Marketing Forum – The great journey to customer growth

Year upon year the European B2B Marketing Forum in The Netherlands is the most unique B2B marketing event, certainly worth visiting. On March 17th 2016 we feature Keynote Joseph Jaffe at the Forum. Let’s look at the main reasons to register. Registering today is in your interest:

  • You will meet Keynote Joseph Jaffe, author of best selling book ‘Flip the Funnel’, well-known for his vision on retention: ” Retention is the new acquisition.”
  • Surrounded by B2B marketing- and communication colleagues you can catch up with your network. A great opportunity to meet new peers and discuss marketing trends and topics. Get inspired!

You are more than welcome to visit the Forum with your team. The Forum offers interesting discounts for marketing teams. Interested? Please send an email to Bart Brackel b.brackel@bbp.nl.

Read more about Joseph Jaffe? http://www.flipthefunnelnow.com/

Check out the day programme to learn more about all the speakers and masterclasses.