B2B Marketing Forum 2018 – Connecting the Dots in B2B

Our focus on being customer centric can have certain fundamental drawbacks. Our mindset tends to focus more on our own company’s well being, rather than the buyer’s. What does it actually mean to integrate all our marketing efforts along the customer journey?

How can we make our customer-centric plans more actionable, in such a way that our customers truly benefit?

Full alignment with the customer journey requires a seamless integration between marketing, sales and communication.

How do we connect the dots?

At the 2018 edition of the B2B Marketing Forum we will be connecting the dots with a group of dedicated and ambitious B2B marketing professionals. Are you one of them?

Inspiring keynotes, hands-on workshops and intimate masterclasses, all in one day. You will learn:

  • How to organize your marketing programmes, content and technologies around the needs of the customer.
  • How to align your sales and marketing activities along the buyer’s journey.
  • How marketing can deliver real value to your company and to the customer.

Join us at the B2B Marketing Forum 2018 on March 15th and learn how to connect the dots.