Masterclass B2B Marketing Forum: The B2B customer journey

Research predicts that 75% of the Chief Marketing Officers will be responsible for the entire customer experience in 3 years’ time. There is more need for the articulation of an integrated holistic approach than before, mostly because of the vast amount of channels we use and because of the increasing number of ways to engage with a customer.

In this masterclass we introduce you to the challenges of the customer journey in B2B and we introduce to you one of the first B2B Chief Customer Experience Officers in the Netherlands.


ingridIngrid Archer is a well-known and respected marketing and communications professional. She has over 20 years of experience in B2B. As co-founder of spotONvision and the B2B Marketing Forum, she has initiated successful campaigns in multiple industries and is an expert in the field of content marketing, buyer personas and lead nurturing in B2B.


rik ten woldeRik ten Wolde is Marketing Manager Customer Succes at AFAS Software. The driving principle is ‘Inspire Better Business” which means sketching the customer journey and from there taking steps to better serve the current customer. In doing so he helps AFAS-employees to be become more aware of their essential contribution towards the customer experience.


The B2B Marketing Forum

Year upon year the European B2B Marketing Forum in The Netherlands is the most unique B2B marketing event, certainly worth visiting. On March 17th 2016 we feature Keynote Joseph Jaffe at the Forum. Let’s look at the main reasons to register.

  • You will meet Keynote Joseph Jaffe, author of best selling book ‘Flip the Funnel’, well-known for his vision on retention: ” Retention is the new acquisition.”
  • Surrounded by B2B marketing- and communication colleagues you can catch up with your network. A great opportunity to meet new peers and discuss marketing trends and topics. Get inspired!
  • Register before the end of the year and make use of the Early Bird discount, you can claim 150,- EUR discount. Register now!!

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