Case study

Schiphol Airport

Schiphol Group deals with internationally exploiting the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport in The Netherlands. Also, Schiphol wants to connect all important economical, political and cultural centers in the world. This is only possible by means of a close cooperation between international airlines. Schiphol Group consists of three business areas of which one is Aviation. This facilitates an efficient and high quality passenger and cargo process.


Schiphol wants to add more destinations to their route network. Their target group consists of international airlines and especially the network planner. These network planners determine new flight routes and frequencies and are spread all over the world. The biggest challenge for Schiphol is to interest, trigger and engage network planners. Andrew Land, Business Development Manager Airline Marketing at Schiphol: “as an airport our buyers process varies a lot from other organizations. To convince an airline to fly to Schiphol is quite complicated and can take a long time. It is a very analytical process in which it is often about huge investments. Decision time can take up to 6 years.” According to Andrew you build a very personal relationship with the potential buyer in this process.


Schiphol wants to map this network planner with a Buyer Persona. Which interests does he have? What is the best method to engage with him and who is this network planner really? Andrew: “Before, I already did research on the network planner. With a few interviews I tried to trace what their motives and interests were. That resulted in some sort of profile. Meanwhile, there seemed to be big differences with the Buyer Persona that spotONvision made for us.” This was the deciding factor for Andrew to continue on a marketing route with spotONvision.

Together with Schiphol, spotONvision created a Content Map in which it was mapped which content is relevant at specific moments in the buyers process.

Buyer Personas and Content mapping are part of the content marketing strategy. For Schiphol this was quite a new form of marketing. Andrew: “internally there were some questions about applying the strategy and what could be the pay-off. At this moment it is like a journey of discovery for us in which using this marketing approach is a pilot. “ Furthermore, Andrew emphasizes that it was very important to anchor this strategy internally. “When the results come out, we have to make sure that we embrace this strategy and that the value is clear.”


Mapping the Buyer Persona went very well according to Andrew. They got answers to all their questions about the network planner: what interests him? Who does he talk to? What information does he collect and which channels does he use for it? Andrew: “the actual content campaign starts soon so we can’t talk about concrete campaign results yet. However, the Buyer Persona and Content Map are a good first step and a very valuable addition to us. Our market really is global so it is very important to talk to people from for instance Asia and America as well. We have these insights and we will use them.”

Andrew Land

Business Development Manager Airline Marketing - Schiphol Airport

“We found spotONvision through our colleagues at Schiphol Cargo. They are responsible for the cargo transport, while we focus on passenger transport. Schiphol Cargo enjoyed working with them, that’s why we decided to join forces with spotONvision as well. Because of this cooperation we now have far better insights in our buyer. The quality of the newly created Buyer Persona is very good indeed and we are looking forward to the first results of the campaigns that we will continue working on together this coming year.”