Case study


How do you ensure that your content marketing strategy gets more support within your organisation? Anne-Marie van den Hoven, Market Manager B2B at Nuon, has developed a content marketing strategy together with spotONvision. She needed to sell this strategy internally first to ensure support. We have spoken to Anne-Marie about the process, the lessons learned and the next steps.

You have already been working for a considerable time on content marketing. What was the most memorable moment in the implementation of the strategy?

Anne-Marie: “Internal support is a must. That support should be created both in sales and in the management team. That was not an easy task since sales people are really different than marketers. Sales people are more focussed on short term results and want to see good leads coming out this strategy today, not tomorrow. This is not always possible, it can take one or two quarters to see results.

To gain insights into our corporate buyer, we mapped the buyer journey. We have addressed this pragmatically so we could perform persona research in a reasonably short time and with limited resources.”

What are the main lessons learned from this process?

“It is important to have the same goals as sales. Only then can you perform a successful content marketing strategy. Another lesson learned is to better map the target audience by performing more interviews, so that we can more effectively connect the campaign content to the buying process. Moreover, it is essential to manage expectations well when setting up a strategy. Often, there is a manager involved who expects to have results instantly, while this is not always immediately possible. It is therefore important to think well ahead, plan everything and especially do not put pressure on the strategy. For content marketing you need to have a long-term vision and hold out for a long time.

What is the next milestone?

“The start of the campaign is our next milestone. And then we directly need to start monitoring to learn from the results and where necessary make adjustments. Of course I will immediately start thinking about a new theme and developing new content. Our target audience is not sitting still, so neither do we.”

Anne-Marie van den Hoven

Marketing Manager B2B - Nuon

“We asked spotONvision to help us with mapping the buyer journey of our target audience. Based on these insights they have created a content map and have helped us creating the campaign flow. spotONvision also created several content items including an eBook, whitepaper and articles. And till this day on, we are very satisfied with their support.”