Case study

DHL Express

DHL Express, a division of Deutsche Post DHL are experts in the field of international express, courier services and specializes in the rapid transportation of packages and documents worldwide.


A common misunderstanding was that DHL Express only provides solutions for large organisations.  This meant that not all SME companies would consider DHL as an obvious business partner. For this reason, the company wanted to engage actively with small businesses and position itself as a logistics partner that could service the needs of SMEs. How? By sharing knowledge that was relevant to SMEs and showed DHL as a viable partner.  One of the activities included organising workshops throughout the country, which discussed all the ins and outs of exporting. To give these workshops more attention and to share knowledge about export through another channel, DHL Express opted for the use of online webinars as well. The final goal of both the workshops and the webinars was to become a thought leader in the market besides generating leads.


DHL Express worked with spotONvision to set up and conduct a webinar programme. Hein Roovers, Director of Marketing DHL Express Netherlands, is very pleased with the result as, the webinars fully connected to the content marketing strategy of the organization. The effect is already visible: “The webinars serve as a hook to start talks with potential buyers. So we can now approach them well in advance. The assets created for the webinars, can be re-used for further promotion and follow-up. Webinars fit perfectly into our plan to share knowledge, and they also help generate additional leads. ”

Hein Roovers

Director Marketing - DHL Express

“I am very pleased. It’s great to work with an organization that does not stop until the job is done. And it was always done with a friendly tone.”