Case study


Unique and competitive proposition

Computrain is part of one of the leading Dutch training companies in The Netherlands, the NCOI Groep. The focus of the organisation is to look after, develop and future-proof the knowledge and skills of IT professionals.

Computrain offers an extensive array of training and education programmes. Boasting over 850 training programmes, exams and certifications, the company has become synonymous with first class IT training. They have a strong focus on the Use, Maintenance, Development, Project Management and Business side of IT. Which is why they have grown to become influential within their space.

Their Challenge

Competition in training and education is fierce. Computrain wants to position itself as a thought leader with a unique and competitive proposition. They want to offer relevant content to the target buyer and customer.

Brand awareness is one of the key objectives of the company. They want to ensure that the brand can deliver and generate more leads and participants to the trainings.


One of the starting points to creating an efficient marketing programme is to gain insights about the buyer. The buyer’s journey, persona and influences are all key in the buying process. spotONvision has helped Computrain by collecting these insights about the buyer and journey.

For each phase of the journey, from awareness to decision making, we have structured unique content ideas that fit the needs of the buyer. This content map forms the basis for several unique marketing programmes and campaigns.

Leo Demont

Managing Director at Computrain

“The content project and the series of workshops we did with spotONvision were very valuable to me. Especially the Content Mapping project, as this gave us a great overview in a structured manner. Thanks to this process, we were pushed to make impactful decisions bringing into focus the underlying themes of our campaigns.”

Jurino Figaroa

Brand Manager NCOI Groep

“I very much appreciated the co-operation with the spotONvision team. Together we created the buyer persona which we leveraged to develop our campaigns in full detail.

This project gave us answers to the question of how we can organize our marketing and sales efforts in a structured way. We learned how to adapt to the needs of our customers.

Our marketing activities are in the right context now. We can now focus our time on developing relevant and positive brand experiences. It was a great process and I loved working with the spotONvision team on our marketing and sales challenges. Now it’s up to us. In the next steps we will have to make this a success with our own team!.”