Case study

Bruynzeel Storage Systems


Bruynzeel storage systems is supplier and developer of storage solutions for archives, libraries, museums, universities, financial institutions and government institutions. They decided to focus on the office industry in which they needed a whole new strategy. At the same time Bruynzeel wanted to professionalize their marketing division, make the technologies they use more efficient and get more insight into their targets and markets.

Solution: buyer persona & marketing automation

spotONvision created buyer persona profiles of ‘facility managers’ and ‘architects’ in The Netherlands and Germany. Buyer personas are detailed profiles of model buyers who represent an actual target or part thereof. At the same time the Buyer Journey is mapped.

We went even further by using content mapping. Together with Bruynzeel we created a content map aligning the questions and needs of potential buyers with content ideas during every phase of the Buyer Journey.

To get more insight in the successes of Bruynzeel’s marketing activities, Bruynzeel implemented a marketing automation system. This automated part of the lead generation process already. Because of sharp analytics they achieved their above-mentioned targets and they can determine better why marketing is an added value to the company.

According to Daniel Vonken, marketing manager at Bruynzeel Storage Systems, buyer personas have been a perfect tool with the creation of content. Daniel: “it really helped us with communication in the widest sense. When I look back, the buyer persona was the most valuable part. Especially because it was a completely integrated story.”

spotONvision and Bruynzeel presented the buyer personas to sales internally. Daniel: “to them this was a very valuable exercise. At the moment we already have a few campaigns running and we use the buyer persona as reference in all our marketing activities. This is exactly how I had pictured it. This is how a buyer persona is used properly.”

Daniël Vonken

Group Marketing Director - Bruynzeel Storage Systems

“From day one we had the feeling that we were talking to professionals. In short: a fine bunch of people. I would definitely recommend spotONvision to others and go and talk to them.”