Case study

BNP Paribas

The challenge

Cardif, part of BNP Paribas, sells their insurance through financial intermediaries. Because of a new law (BGFO 2) insurers in the Netherlands cannot work with commission any more. During the introduction of this new law, Cardif noticed lack of information about the law and the result for advisors. This development inspired Cardif to a turning point in their marketing strategy.


spotONvision supports Cardif in realizing a content-based campaign: “on the way to BGFO 2”. For this campaign we designed a website – BGFO 2 in practice – an online interactive information platform especially for the consulting industry. Intermediaries can get information and news about the BGFO 2, respond to developments and blogs and get tested on their own preferences and reward model that fits best.


The online information platform is being embraced by the industry. Soon the mini site is the central point of information for the new law. Furthermore, they get the first place in a Google search for BGFO 2. Also, the campaign generates many leads for introductory trainings by Cardif.

Marieke van Zuien

Chief Commercial Officer - BNP Paribas

“My experience with spotONvision is very positive. In this project they showed again how well they understand our business and market despite its complexity. Also they think with us about the right way of reaching our business partners and how to save something with a huge quantity of information that is still attractive to the target group.”