Case study

AFAS Software

Think big, start small… Especially when it comes to marketing automation

How do you effectively implement a content marketing strategy when trying to generate more revenues and positioning yourself as a thought leader? How do you make sure your prospects pick up your latest content and you can follow up with your nurturing programmes? AFAS Software faced these challenges and together with spotONvision they managed to find answers to these questions. How? By creating a content plan and by implementing the plans for each segment of the target audience. The strategy was fully supported by the latest technology, a Marketing Automation Platform. We look back with Sander Seton, Marketing Manager at AFAS Software.

What surprised you the most about marketing automation?

“Firstly I would like to say that we didn’t believe in a content marketing strategy which is not supported by a marketing automation platform. We were positively surprised about the amount of freedom and flexibility the system provides. It has a logical structure and generates insightful reports. These help us measure our marketing activities and campaigns, allowing us to make adjustments at any given moment.”

That sounds great! But did you run into any issues?

“Configuring the system turned out to be quite a complex process. Especially when planning multiple campaigns, which have to run simultaneously for the same target audience. And, features like ‘progressive profiling’ are not as easy to use as it seemed at first.”

If you would start using marketing automation all over again, what would you do differently?

“We now know that we have to map the entire marketing campaign before actually setting it up in the system. That includes the follow-ups and configurations of forms and landing pages. Only when this is all set, one should launch a campaign and promotional activities.”

What would you advise other marketers?

“Think big, start small… Especially when it comes to marketing automation. First focus on the quick wins. Measure and report the results internally. This will help you create support from your internal organization.”

Sander Seton

Marketing Manager - AFAS Software

“We made a very conscious choice to work with spotONvision. Not only because they helped us with the technical implementation, but also because of their pro-active mindset regarding buyer persona and content creation processes. Now that we finalized the first  projects, we can proceed ourselves and we are full of confidence.”