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How can digital body language help with approaching leads more effectively?

Would you like to know more about the online behavior of your website visitors? Because you know it will help you with marketing? Would you also like to get to higher conversions in three steps? Welcome to the world of marketing automation – software that enables you to get a more effective result.  It will certainly seem like learning a new language when you start automating marketing – the marketing automation language. Today more information about ‘digital body language’ and how getting to the bottom of digital body language can help you with making marketing more effective.

Digital body language

Digital body language plays an important role in modern marketing. By using marketing automation systems you can save online behavior of leads/clients. Think of online behavior like for instance whitepaper downloads, opened emails, website visits and filled out key words in Google. All this data can bundle a marketing automation system. Mind you, the data can only be linked to a name and company if this person has filled out a form with his details on your website. You will find an overview of digital body language in the marketing automation system Eloqua in the picture below.

By understanding digital body language you can identify potential buyers based on online behavior. Besides, the body language provides information about the interests of the lead. This leads to more effective sales calls and a higher conversion of lead to client. Because online behavior and engagement can be secured, a powerful segmentation of leads can happen.

3 steps to more effective sales calls and higher conversion

The first step is putting your procedures in order. Marketing automation systems can help you with that. These systems are the key-role in developing digital body language. With innovative systems like for instance Act-On and Eloqua all data of a visitor can be linked to one overview (see image).

The second step is linking the right marketing channels to the marketing automation system. Mature systems like Act-On and Eloqua facilitate a large range of links with webinar software, social media, Google Ad words, web forms and CRM systems. Subsequently, the marketing department can divide leads based on online behavior and then approach them effectively with the right content.

The third step is linking the digital body language overview with the content of the management system. This way sales can see exactly which products/topics the lead is interested in. The result is more effective sales calls and a higher conversion.


Digital body language is the digital behavior of (potential) buyers. By linking this behavior to a marketing automation system you can create a digital profile of a web visitor. This way companies can identify potential buyers easily and divide based on their digital behavior. With that marketing can increase the quality of the leads that go to sales. This leads to more effective sales calls and better conversions.

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