Marketing Analytics

How to benefit from marketing analytics

B2B marketing executives need to take the lead in driving company profitability to new heights. To do so, executives require insights that enable them to quickly see if marketing is on the right track and to pinpoint where corrective actions is needed. An easy to understand dashboard can help executives properly use analytics.

An end-to-end measurement strategy is a prerequisite for success. spotONvision helps marketing executives create and implement performance measurement strategies, and joins forces with marketing teams to measure results and to continuously improve marketing programmes.

Measuring the customer journey

Companies that have a customer journey management programme in place enjoy a significantly higher return on marketing investments due to more revenue from cross-selling and upselling, more customer referrals, and more customer win-backs.

Many marketing executives struggle with managing and adapting customer journeys to derive maximum value. Typical challenges marketing leaders face are:

  • How do we set up and monitor customer journeys?
  • How do we know what works for which persona?
  • How do we know what marketing tactics are most successful?
  • How can we track and optimize results?

spotONvision developed a unique B2B customer journey management solution that enables B2B marketers to control and optimize their marketing programmes along the customer journey stages.

Why a marketing dashboard?

Marketers use marketing performance dashboards to gain insight into results across critical activities such as campaign performance, sales pipeline activities, customer engagement, and overall marketing performance.

The different dashboard types:

Executive dashboards

These contain information enabling senior executives to easily evaluate marketing performance, and to visually communicate key insights to stakeholders within the organisation.

Tactical dashboards

They are used by marketing teams to drill down into the details and activities, in order to evaluate campaign results and optimise budget spend based on performance.

Get started with marketing analytics and dashboards

We can help you whether you want to get started with dashboards to gain insight into marketing performance or need more information. spotONvision analytics services are available as a service for a fixed number of hours per month. spotONvision helps clients to set marketing KPIs and to track results with B2B marketing dashboards. Typical activities for this service include hands-on development of marketing dashboards, as well as defining goals and providing monthly evaluation of marketing results, and offering advice for optimization. For more info please contact us.

Download the report

Can B2B Marketers show ROI?

This report is about the status of marketing performance management in large, Dutch B2B companies. The purpose of the report is to understand what challenges marketers in proving their value to the business, how marketers measure the ROI of marketing and how marketers plan to improve their efforts in the coming months and years. Curious? Download the report now.


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