Lead Management

What is lead management?

Lead management closes the gap between marketing and sales by converting a lead into a customer.

Lead management in B2B enables companies to structure leads and increase their quality. In B2B marketing it is important to define and understand the process in order to generate more revenue and achieve a higher ROI.

Lead management strategy

spotONvision helps with each step of the lead management process. We start with a series of interviews, workshops, and conversations involving your marketing and sales department. Structuring the process results in better sales and marketing alignment. We can help you accomplish the following steps:

1. Buyer journey

It’s important to determine who the actual decision maker is at your target company. Many times it is not always clear. We can help you become better equipped to identify the right individuals. . >> Read more about the buyer journey

2. Lead qualification

It is critical that your marketing and sales departments understand each other, speak the same language, and know the difference between a lead, a marketing qualified lead (MQL), and a sales qualified lead (SQL). We can help your teams work better together.

3. Lead scoring

As a key part of the lead management process, lead scoring can help you focus on the most promising opportunities. Let us help you set up a lead scoring system.

4. Lead nurturing

Leads that are not yet ready to purchase your product or service can be nurtured with relevant content. By offering the right content at the right moment during the buying process, you engage prospects and stay top of mind when they’re ready to buy. We can help you design and implement an effective lead nurturing process and campaign to accelerate your pipeline. >> Read more about lead nurturing

5. Lead planning

To succeed with lead management, you need to define goals and share funnel responsibilities with sales. Using conversion rates from earlier campaigns can be a good starting point. We can help you begin.

6. SLA’s

After defining clear qualification and scoring guidelines, it’s critical to make sure leads don’t get lost when marketing hands them to sales. We can help you form lead scoring agreements between sales and marketing that help convert prospects into customers and provide everyone in the company with a roadmap to success.

7. Metrics

To measure the performance of your lead management systems, it is crucial to gather and evaluate the results. We can help you set up a metrics programme to ensure your teams are achieving their goals.

Want to get started with lead management?

Do you want to improve your sales and marketing alignment and the quality of your leads? spotONvision can also help you define and set up metrics that allow you to determine marketing’s impact on revenue, as well as challenges in the funnel that need to be addressed. We’re happy to help you. Don’t hesitate to contact us.