Customer journey

What is a customer journey?

The customer journey is about ‘support’ and ‘serve’, while the buyer journey is about ‘market’ and ‘sell’. They are two very different business processes. Marketing plays a larger role during the buyer journey. In the customer journey, other company stakeholders and factors besides marketing contribute to the success of the customer experience.

To best serve customers, marketers and other departments must fully understand all phases of the customer journey. This journey starts from the moment someone signs an agreement and receives the service or product and does not stop until that person becomes an ‘ambassador’ of your company, or if they decide to no longer do business.

Customer journey mapping

Customer journey mapping provides insight into how customers interact with a company during the buyer- and customer journey, revealing ways to improve customer experience. The term ‘mapping’ applies because we visualise the journey, including all of the various touchpoints and the emotions that occur across all channels.

The greatest advantages of a customer journey map

  • You identify the interaction moments
  • You gain insight into customer needs
  • You achieve a better understanding of the opportunities from the customer’s perspective
  • You can determine what to focus on in order to improve the customer experience
  • You can become more attuned to the customer’s situation and pain points
  • You can use customer insights to optimise your processes



Getting started with the customer journey

spotONvision has vast experience in developing both buyer and customer journey mapping that yields a return on investment. Companies that focus on customer experience achieve greater long-term profits, which is why marketers should take a leading role. Ask for a free consultation with one of our customer journey experts.

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From ROI to Customer Journey Success

Companies that conduct a customer journey management programme outperform companies that do not. This report is about customer journeys and the value of marketing. Do you want to learn how to create a customer-centric marketing organization?

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